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Medicinal powder beef

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[merchandise category] food special local product >> the flesh and fleshy products

[place apanage region] China north area >> Shanxi >> /

[manufacturing company] limited company of products of Yan Hu meat of county of Shanxi province smooth Yao

[sell a state] marketable

Smooth Yao beef results from the Western Han Dynasty comes period of bright Qing Dynasty praise Man Sanjin, become the necessary beautiful in local house noble, banquet to taste.
Beef of smooth Yao of the card that delay a tiger acceded traditional smooth Yao beef machines craft, choose fresh true beef, (arm head, ox is tendinous criterion) add right amount salt and water souse. Use “ to the craft of ” of an an a salt of a knife, one gather, crock, boiler, fire produces treatment and be become, its colour and lustre is ruddy, the flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, fat and not be bored with, thin and not bavin, continous is sweet the characteristic with goluptious, boundless aftertaste, smooth Yao beef is in order to come loose beef and famed the world, say in be

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