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Roast duck of 6 cards closing mill (yellow bag)

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[merchandise category] food special local product >> the flesh and fleshy products

[place apanage region] China north area >> Beijing >> sunny area

[manufacturing company] company of Beijing Jin Fude roast duck

[sell a state] marketable

The “ that my company produces roast duck of 6 ” closing mill is shirt-sleeve traditional stew furnace is baked make technology and burner of home's at present advanced environmental protection infrared ray bake make the good point with both technology, handpick and fresh blooded Beijing force-feed duck and cherry cereal duck, by the name division is operated, become via spy of industry of energy of ten working procedure.
Product of duck of roast duck of 6 ” closing mill, sweet crisp duck, sauce of Chinese caterpillar fungus uses “ vacuum flexible package, via facilities of sterilization of microwave of contemporary high temperature complete sterilization, make roast duck can hold former juice raw ingredient and the expiration period is long, every working procedure and leave factory have examine strictly. Product exterior is beautiful, purplish red of colour and lustre, thin and not bavin, sweet and not be bored with, your person 100 eat not tire of. My company uses ration to pack, can leave already bag feed namely, also but slice, join complementary makings edible; The convenient food of since travel bussiness trip, also be the gust cate on banquet, it is the optimal option that gives close friends. Accordingly, long-term since 6 products closing mill get all the time the favour of broad consumer.

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