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Nutlet a thick soup (black sesame seed)

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[merchandise category] food special local product >> characteristic is recreational food

[place apanage region] China north area >> Beijing >> Beijing

[manufacturing company] Beijing drive feeds garden food limited company

[sell a state] marketable

Series of nutlet a thick soup---Yuan Renyuan flavour, lingering fragrance glibly.
All sorts of nutlet such as walnutmeat, chestnut benevolence, sesame seed are joined on the foundation of ovine a thick soup, make nutlet a thick soup namely. Nutlet a thick soup carried the original special flavor of all sorts of nutlet, nutrition is rich. Main breed has: The breed such as a thick soup of sesame seed a thick soup, earthnut a thick soup, walnut a thick soup, melon seeds benevolence and chestnut a thick soup.  

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