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Shanxi special local product - too cereal cake

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Shanxi special local product - too cereal cake

[merchandise category] food special local product >> characteristic is recreational food

[place apanage region] China north area >> Shanxi >> too cereal county

[manufacturing company] limited company of food of hall of Shanxi flourish glad

[sell a state] marketable

Too cake of oily pleasant of cereal cake original name, it is 3 advance earth has representative local name very much actor product, its are virgin between Yu Qingchao salty good year, heretofore already had 150 years of histories. It is the child of period of advance business at the height of power and splendour, closely related the production with advance business, life, ever was nodded to be palace articles of tribute by drive of kind happiness mother of an emperor and be famous in Beijing division, and ever shoot the country such as Russia, Japan, Mongolia.
Too cereal cake chooses specific concentration advocate complementary makings, through recipe of exquisite raw material, use a convention ferment, boil rare technology and special furnace to bake craft is made and become. Its skin is tea yellow, stick the Bai Zhi Ma Ren that has desquamate, have crisp, soft, sweet, sweet characteristic, namely crisp and not broken, sweet and not be bored with, sweet and goluptious, long put soft. And, its store time is long, long store flavour is changeless.

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