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Bean flour is burnt

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[merchandise category] food special local product >> grain oil is homebred

[place apanage region] China north area >> Shanxi >> Taiyuan

[manufacturing company] Taiyuan 6 flavour room or building is industrial limited company

[sell a state] marketable

Come from area of highland of north of a place of strategic importance, free from contamination, pure natural make, nutrition is safe, contain a lot ofa variety of human body must microelement, since appear on the market, get the welcome of broad consumer, be known as ” of coffee of “ Chinese style.
Edible method: When edible, fabaceous panada paste enters boiler inside, add about 10 times water, tone is become mushy, boil moment a bit again, can acquire optimal taste (but according to individual taste be fond of, join candy or salt, taste is much better) .

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