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Shanxi the first month seals cake

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Merchandise category] food special local product >> characteristic is recreational food

[place apanage region] China north area >> Shanxi >> too cereal county

[manufacturing company] limited company of food of hall of Shanxi flourish glad

[sell a state] marketable

Meng Feng cake is Meng Feng of clear Xu county the traditional name with unique village is fed, with sweet, crisp, soft, sweet, cool characteristic long negative great reputation. Every has sampled its person, all without exception says its are tasted for the beautiful in cake. Long-term since, no matter on holidays visits his family visit friend, people always tries to buy some of the first month to seal cake, come from the home celebrate a festival sample, 2 will can present relatives and friends as gift, express to respect the person.
Meng Feng cake contrives at Qing Guangxu 10 years, be apart from already had 100 old histories today. Na Liwang village has a rich man that surnames Feng at that time, the Zhao Jin Shan of Meng Feng village gives his home to cook. At that time the twelfth month of the lunar year, home Feng is spend joyfully Spring Festival, requirement everyday not arduous appearance meal, want to move pattern suddenly suddenly. Zhao chef although craft is excellent, a few days change appearance already ability is poor art all. A day, occasionally shortbread and oil, candy fries oily face and flour to add water and into dough. Unexpectedly dough is too rare, cannot couplet cake, be forced to be shovelled with scoop piece, put on Ao, buckle again on buckle boiler to bake ripe, host feeds, very goluptious, the requirement continues fire, this is of Meng Feng cake begin.   
Zhao Jin Shan returns Meng Feng later, to goose Chi Cun's Wang Fu grows lend 200 yuan of money, open cake store, management “ the first month seals boiler piece ” , change later call Meng Feng cake. Meng Feng is located in southeast clear source county, be located in Fen river east bank, it is the ground with distributing center commissariat, collect a lot of shop, from Heibei, Yu second the travelling merchant in an endless stream to this world of article water, Fen, Shaanxi, the first month seals cake subsequently and sell past each district.

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