Weather eye dried bamboo shoots

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Because face,bring distinctive ground landforms and advantageous situation, brought up the climate qualification with unique our region, be pregnant with very rich bamboo is planted resource. According to investigation, area of Zhu Lin of our city economy makes an appointment with 520 thousand mus, among them bamboo forest 240 thousand mus, zhu Lin of dried bamboo shoots 180 thousand mus, dish Zhu Lin 100 thousand mus. The history of weather eye dried bamboo shoots that the our city produces is long, famed far and near. Assist of acting monk of the Song Dynasty is peaceful " bamboo shoot chart " namely “ day works very, fast Tibet ” , “ with equipment cooked food, you Miao person also the account of ” , latter-day change hickory to call “ weather eye 3 treasure ” together with tea of weather eye cloud and mist, prosperous again.

Bamboo shoot is to face install peculiar and homebred, with tall fiber, amino acid content tall, nutrition is rich and celebrated, it is nature gives the natural food at the mankind. This product gets the favour of domestic and international travelling merchant, the product sells past Japan, korea, reach southeast Asia each country, it is the fashionable cate on table.

Face area of the bamboo shoot that install bamboo, first of crop house whole nation. Produces bamboo shoot is fresh and tender and goluptious, armour at all greens, your person is fed and unforgettable, it is vegetables of our city fruit kind a large amount of one traditional products. Bright matchless of Qing Dynasty of weather eye dried bamboo shoots, for the curiosa in greens, current Shanghai Hangzhou, Jiang Zhe takes You Aiyong dried bamboo shoots to make cooked food, because it can help aid digestion, stomachic, cool and refreshing defeat poison, ” of vegetable of person “ health care. Since reason appears on the market, get the client's favour, output supplies falls short of demand.

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