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Be located in the foot of a mountain of eye of weather of north of short for Zhejiang Province face how, manufacturing treatment hickory already had 500 years of long histories, its area and crop take the throughout the country respectively 60% with 70% above. All over the world in 17 kinds of hickory, component of several Lin Anshan walnut are highest, mouthfeel is optimal, hickory is to face install “ old one of 3 treasure ” .

What there is 7.8%-9.6% in hickory pulp is protein, amino acid content is as high as 25% , its go-between body must amino acid occupies 7 kinds; 22 kinds of mineral elements are contained in hickory pulp, have the calcium of main effect to human body among them, magnesian, zinc reachs phosphor, iron content is very rich, have very high nutrition value, have embellish lung strong kidney, reduce hematic fat, prevent the effect of anxiety. Long-term edible, still have certain precautionary effect to cancer.

Hickory renown ” of “ small Hu Tao, grow in climate advantageous, soil is rich, in the environment of vegetation exuberance, belong to pure feral fruit, the clever gas that is market country feeds and become, extremelying He Gong kills natural green provision of pollution, also be numerous China one of highest breed are savoured in dried fruit.

Hickory oil, oily flavour faint scent, be like sesame-seed oil, lung having profit is nourishing effect, low iodine value of its acid value is high, oleic acid, the not saturated fatty acid such as linoleic acid occupies 88-96% between, prep above is world-renowned olive growing of edible oily —— is oily, saturated fatty acid and 20 carbon above digest fatty acid content hard infinitesimal, it is to be digested easily, the high grade edible that can prevent coronary heart disease is oily.

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