Wu Shu

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Originate in face day of area of the Wu Qian that bring city to look hill is taken for the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, because its quality is superior. Friend calls “ Wu Shu ” especially.

Weather eye mountain range enters short for Zhejiang Province from meandering of Anhui yellow hill, in Yuan Wuqian prefectural churchyard carries once more litre, form altitude celestial being of 1506 meters the highest peak in a mountain range of mountain of Western Paradise eye supports, with east altitude of weather eye hill peak of 1479 meters big celestial being stand far apart facing each other, those who make “ day is binocular ” . The culmination that calls between Shuang Feng looks, come from north south for too the watershed of lake water system and Qian Tangjiang water system. Yuan Wuqian county and face install a county to be a bound with this namely. Fokelore has court of one badge state some year to act according to, differentiate the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes of one individual plant, say this half is Wu Shu, other in part is not Wu Shu, via test and verify this art fruit grows to go up at dividing line mountain, the half is inside Wu Qian bound, the half is outside the bound. This fokelore is beyond the mark rather and magical, but enough has his truly at art it is thus clear that the characteristic that different this mortal world tastes. The Christian era 1644, crackajack traditional Chinese medical science learns what what domestic Zhao Xuemin writes in its " gleaning of detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " the account in this book: The person that “ the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes produces Wu Qian criterion root spot and muscularity, this all close place changes produce, this and not book, outdated not inspects ” . Zhao pursue one's studies is rigorous, to step iron rather with “ slightly mock, do not be credulous place by accident ” and from exert oneself, there is distinctive creative idea in plant evolution and species mutation respect. He points out Wu Shu to produce ” reason book to what “ changes nearly leave offspring, lest will be ignored for person place, intention fine is bitter, kept the earliest character record for Wu Shu. Later generations is in " Qing Yilu " in again account: “ goes hill gives art of be apt to, with its dish of knot is ugly strange, have the form ” of animal. This also is not erroneous. Western Paradise looks hill has tough tactics truly, its seed follows wind and sow say wind is sowed, by unfirmly closing and sow seed weighing a bird, after rat sparrow is fed, be born by eduction of excrement and urine, call rat seed, sparrow art, its form does strange extremely, form of later generations therewith and those who say call ” of art of top of crane of ” of ” of art of “ Shan crane, “ lion art, “ , drumstick art ” , but most form is like drumstick, reason Wu Shu renown ” of “ drumstick art. " according to Wu Qian county annals " account, every has art place, winter not firn, those who see efficacy of a drug is powerful. Precious Wu Shu, the section of incision submits flaxen chrysanthemum form, if companion has bead arenaceous dot, more beautiful is tasted, faint scent is clinking, can be carried with ginseng photograph and denounce, medical group often says to boreal art ” is joined to point to the different because of natural environment namely south “ , boreal person feeds art to take filling effect You Runa's person is fed ginseng. Qing Dynasty is treated together, between Guang Xunian, grand of prosperous of herbal medicine shop of Wu Qian county, hang ” of Wu Shu of distribute of ”“ of medicinal material of “ path ground high, choose form if the art of form of drumstick, crane, fine fine is made, take a power 5 city are divided and strung red line, install in delicate box, make curiosa sell, price nearly ginseng, reputation does it far sow, river, short for Zhejiang Province, plain, druggist of Hunan, another name for Hubei province, Shanghai also comes traffic, export to abroad.
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