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Because tough tactics amount is limited, have then cut into parts artificially earth up, also be get climate favourable geographical position bestow favor on, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes that Wu Qian plants, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes of fruit and his ground is different, grow do sth in the proper way, also see chrysanthemum body unexpectedly, individual although small, but aroma answers different to have distinguishing feature, those who get medical group is accepted, this century at the beginning of 60 time,

Wu Shu sex is lukewarm, flavour hardships and difficulties, have be good at lienal fill medium, dry water of wet, benefit stops the effect of sweat, blame with dehumidify, diuresis is beautiful. Outside dividing prescription of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, also but drink of bubble of single ingredient section, treat wet tired taste, the disease of acid of foot of be irresolute when firmness is needed. In recent years,

Wu Shusheng grows for a long time, appropriate establish at the arenaceous qualitative land with good drainage, avoid continuous cropping, had helped advance somebody's career after Wu Shu, the beard is removed 5 plant again to 6 years of ability, can not wait for crop crop rotation with Chinese cabbage, earthnut, sweet potato, tobacco, with the grass family crop annulus has served as. Normally at 3, seed of the Yo between April, breed art the first year to grow; Dismissed method the 2nd year in Feburary move to land for growing field crops cultivated, it is commonly after art is cultivated since around of ” of “ Frost's descent earth, at latest does not cross ” of “ the Beginning of Winter, dry method is basked in after the earth since little skill, normally art of insolation of every 270 a unit of weight is controlled 100 jins.

Like ever serving as the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes for a long time at art, regard as 2 kinds of all buy goods and materials, price on the low side, every a unit of weight more than yuan 200, after be being exited in last few years, spurt in prices is cruel fall, came 1984 at the beginning of 1985, be as high as every a unit of weight unexpectedly 4000 yuan, hind answer fall to be controlled to 1700 yuan. The crop before the our city is liberated is broken one's deceased father, reckon prewar and top yield is 4000 ~ 5000 but. After liberating, at art production has restore more quickly and develop, had appeared 2 times to produce a summit, came 1957 for the first time 1959, among them crop amounted to more than 3900 1957; It is the 2nd to came 1967 1973, among them height year for 1969 crop 4600, because get value of medicinal material market,fluctuate up to now from 1974, rise and fall of dogwood flesh income is bigger, but crop increase and decrease, luffing is lesser, and assume delay ascendant situation.


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