Prosperous changes bloodstone

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The world has China only, only prosperous changes China have, this is the conclusion that connoisseurs leave to bloodstone place. Prosperous changes stone of bloodstone and Tian Huangshi, lotus to call Chinese Yin Shi 3 treasure together. It originates in Zhejiang province to face the prosperous that bring city to turn the jade cliff mountain of face of boreal area northwest alone, distributing extensively to be taken at Kang Ling. (here belongs to prosperous to change prefectural prosperous to turn an area formerly, merged into 1960 face install a county, faced 1996 how to remove a county to establish town. ) mine goes situation go up oneself the cockscomb cliff of horn of brook countryside northwest begins, northeast outspread, the mountain ridge such as mountain of mountain of classics grey stone, Kang Shanling, walnut, fine mountain, make an appointment with 10 kilometers. Advocate mining area is in altitude slope of 1230 meters north of Yu Yan hill. Advocate mining area leaves to on brook country government makes an appointment with 2 kilometers, the government of new bridge country of side leaving north makes an appointment with 5 kilometers, turn a garrison post from prosperous 50 much kilometers, from face install municipal government to be stationed in humid euphorbia town 100 much kilometers, leave 150 much kilometers of Hangzhou city.

The discovery of bloodstone and collect and process, only then at Ming Daichu year, according to history record: Collect from inside appear outcropping jade of redness of skin, sign up for government-owned pay intribute, get the appreciation of imperial court of state seat of government greatly, make the lucky thing that feudal official, palace presents each other gradually. What discover prosperous fossil the earliest is to go up today village of brook countryside Mt Jade a farmer, opposite the village side chops Kang Shanling on the west firewood small when resting, see upper rock Chang Ying is shown to be like jade below the foot, the red blood that be like chicken, gorgeous and extraordinary. He stems from curiosity, in the home is being brought back together below authentic of the beetle that use iron, the villager people contend for view and admire, fondle admiringly. Because prosperous fossil is soft hard moderate, engrave aptly, especially ” of bright red “ redness of skin, not only gorgeous, and symbolic move is lucky, accordingly rapid spread leaves come, get palace and group of arts and crafts love, the rare breed of stone of seal of the China that be labelled. According to legend has the person that display jade and get an official, person: ” of “ jade official. 1784, qianlong emperor swims when Changjiang Delta, face An Tian to look hill chairs a Buddhist monk to show one party of bloodstone of 8 centimeters of square, qianlong great rejoicing, the treasure ” that engraves “ Qianlong at once 4 words, make clear “ prosperous to change bloodstone ” . This treasure up to now still collect carefully within shop of jewelry of museum of Beijing the Imperial Palace.
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