Dogwood flesh

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” of skin of jujube of medicine of “ of dogwood pork local name, the gains after department cornel is mature goes the belt after the nucleus is sequential the flesh is basked in (carbonado) work and become. Face mouth of the Hong Ling that brings city, rapid, on the countryside such as bridge of brook, Dragon Well tea (town) what produce dogwood flesh to be long the pure medicinal material that enjoys high reputation, quality is countrywide coronal. Dogwood flesh is to face the convention that bring city precious medicinal material, help advance somebody's career reach those who use the history 1500 above, benefiting liver, kidney serves as on the tradition, enrich the blood bright eye, powerful body, delay year fine medicine. " classics of divine farming a book on Chinese medicine " in labelling cornel, taste, say acid of “ cornel flavour is smooth, advocate the evil influence below the heart, chase cold wet lienal, go chaotic, long take light body ” ; Of bright generation Li Shizhen " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " the experience of cornel of application of home of cure of collect past dynasties, label cornel enrich the blood the medicine of air of kidney of solid essence, benefiting liver, air, filling empty, bright eye, powerful body. Recent analysis discovers, cornel contains a variety of glucoside, among them ginseng of black glucoside prep above, wring blue 3 - 4 times, contain 16 kinds of amino acid, its go-between body must 8 kinds of amino acid are had entirely. Still have the content such as A of 23 kinds of 6 kinds of 5 kinds of candy, organic acid, mineral elements, vitamin, C rich. Still discover yellow ketone material and spicy beans seed, yellow ketone and yellow ketone glucoside provide step-down commonly, fight bacterium, adjust hemal, permeate blood pressure action. Still discover control tumor cell and function of harm of defence ultraviolet ray. Latter and clinical trial discovers cornel is refusing cancer, treatment cardiovascular system disease, refuse kidney of AIDS, benefiting liver, treatment venereal all have curative effect with the respect such as immunity. Cornel belongs to deciduous leaf small tree for tree of cornel division lampstand, sexual happy event is warm and wet, childhood is able to bear or endure shade, grow at mostly in the bank of brook of the sloping field of low hill, mountain stream, altitude 300 - result of 900 meters of a sector of an area is favorable, requirement soil is deep and rich, wet area sanded sex. Pure Brightness around blossoms, the autumnal equinox matures to Cold Dew, fresh fruit majority is long elliptic, shape is like a jujube, friend calls medicine the jujube.

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