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Ginkgo, be ginkgo of ” of stone of person “ activation kind benevolence. Ginkgo nucleolus nutrition is rich, contain protein, adipose, sugar, still have a few the composition such as calcic, phosphor, iron, Potassium. Boil with the flesh grow raw meat ” for “ , burn with the jujube call “ immortal meal ” . Ginkgo sex is cool, can fry feed or make sweet food, it is the raw material of cool and refreshing beverage, it can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, disappear heat easy is magical. On convivial banquet, the duck of fish of water of columbine egg of ginkgo a thick soup, ginkgo, ginkgo, ginkgo that stew is color beautiful savory cate. Bring productive apricot tree because of facing, reason is in apricot tree was decided to be prefectural tree 1986.

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