Weather eye carbonadoes lima-bean

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Originate in east, hill of Western Paradise eye, take boil of cyan soya bean to boil, stoving is purificatory. " a book on Chinese medicine is begged true " in namely “ weather eye carbonadoes lima-bean is treated inside the account of ” of hot Yu Zheng, the Republic of China " weather eye hill scenic spot annals " also color of “ of record and narrate is blue and big, flavour is thick and thick, sincere for his location not as good as ” . Weather eye carbonadoes Qing Dynasty of lima-bean colour and lustre is emerald green, entrance faint scent, it is recreational be eaten together with rice or bread or the beautiful of the Pin Ming that aid wine are tasted.
“ a lima-bean 18 Da, bead bead faint scent is good entertain guests ” . Classics year circulate this common saying at folk, generalized the natural elegant demeanour of weather eye lima-bean racily.
So small, not long also not field, not hard not soft also, color is like halcyon constant green, show clear slightly again between flavour bound Xian Danzhi sweet, blame if infiltrated the natural faint scent with mountain forest lubricious show, no matter be at leisure chew,feed, or assist wine tastes tea, flavor meaningfuls, glibly Qing Fang, can saying is the result that seizes good luck of heaven and earth opportunely. It is famous product of spick-and-span weather eye hill.
Weather eye lima-bean only then at why year, have not textual research. But from at the height of power and splendour of burning incense of weather eye hill when, the day looks lima-bean has become famous, heretofore already had more than 300 years at least.
Qing Kangxi 4 years (the Christian era 1665) , western Paradise looks temple of hill buddhist source builds. Fane dimensions is baronial, grand and gallant, cong Zhong of very tall ancient Mu Luyin, green red wall, ding is a long time ago, majestic figure of Buddha is brought move pilgrim of Changjiang Delta myriad, make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain is entered sweet, sight scene. Annual 7 be burning incense at the height of power and splendour to October period, shanghai, Hangzhou, pilgrim of fine and other places, tourist in threes and fours, following sb's heels and come. Of the foot of a hill think of a village, need to enter hill the ground of classics, tourist often stops here rest. Local farmer is badly in need of for equipment, collect fresh and tender beans to add salt to bake with bamboo stoving, taste tea for wine of assist of pilgrim, tourist at any time, or idle of the disappear that explain crop failure. The day looks hill temple monk also gathers because of pilgrim, lack Lenten, order in the village beforehand, need in order to offer what fane recieves. The person that feed all calls his clear bright meaningful, have tastily the result of be bored with of easy stomach disappear. And for dry the matter that takes easily, reason is added eagerly buy with giving relatives and friends for answering homebred, make fame broadcasts at Changjiang Delta, the businessman is satisfied year every carry a paragraph to be approved into hill buy, turn annul Yu Hu, Hangzhou the market. Because market soars, the farmer expands with respect to year after year cultivate, form dimensions to produce, circulate up to now.
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