Weather eye carbonadoes lima-bean

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According to investigation, weather eye lima-bean gust alone beautiful, unlike other, build its earthy climate place closes. 9 think of a village to be taken at layer of cliff of The Cambrian lime, from this the oily yellow earth that development creates, earthy layer is deep and fecund, show neuter to come small basic response, climate is wet, difference in temperature of day and night is very big, grow at leguminous crop aptly. Go up in breed via long-term seed selection, appeared with “ lazy the admirable strain that pares green ” is given priority to, green skin, bead embellish of qualitative fertilizer of big, flesh. Add charge for the making of sth. again careful, fastidious, become distinguishing feature then. General will timely collect obtained tender beans, choose via preparing and stuff, after garment of scour off beans, boil about 15 minutes into boiling water, scoop up drop to do water share, into bake use charcoal fire to carbonado to 9 into dry. Put inside boiler again a few Qing Quan, join the salt that 3 % control lima-bean deal, agitate becomes salt solution, enter first goods, add water to prep above bean flour a inch or so, wait for boil to Shang Zhiquan ministry by lima-bean stop when blot, boiler is entered since bake, become namely with charcoal fire drying. Make so, its have friend his beans not as good as characteristic. Period of 10 years of convulsion, lima-bean almost be lost. Commodity sex production is stopped. From 1983 later, strive restores, satisfy so that anabiosis. Now east countryside of eye countryside, Western Paradise eye produces per year the day to already was amounted to tens of ton, be in Shanghai once more, Hangzhou the market appears, get consumer favour greatly.

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