The treatment of 7 precious arbutus operates a point

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(1) technological process. → of raw material choice bloats sugar juice makes up → of insolation of soggy → of → of burden of → of insolation of be soiled → → air basks in → to mix makings → is packed.

(2) operates a point.

① raw material, requirement arbutus flesh is qualitative body of thick, fruit is large and mature and measurable, eliminate matures overly or crudely if really.

② bloats be soiled, delicacy of every 100 kilogram needs to use salt if really 12 kilogram of 10 ~ , aluminous 0.3 kilogram. First will salt and aluminous and sufficient blend, spread Yang Mei the crock next inside, a Yang Mei, scatter vitriol of a salt. Lower level is measured with saline vitriol but little, from fall and go up to be added gradually much, the surface builds saline vitriol again, with isolation air. Bloat 5 ~ give floodwater on low-lying land after 10 days crock.

③ insolation, will bloat the fructification after be soiled is put bask in plaque, the insolate below park sunshine comes dry.

④ burden, base of salty arbutus of every 100 kilogram needs to add saccharic 65 kilogram, licorice 4.2 kilogram, flavor pink 1 kilogram (among them tangerine skin pink 30% , licorice pink 30% , cassia bark pink 20% , small fennel pink 15% , 5%) of fair clove pink.

⑤ is soggy, pour fruit base to rinse 5 ~ immerse 6 hours in the pool, next fish out puts bamboo inside the sieve, sift bamboo park surface to go up to churn gently, the silt in embryo of scour off fruit, impurity, enter fruit base Zhu Lanzhong to be rinsed with clear water again, abluent hind drop does moisture.

⑥ insolation, fruit semifinished product booth is put in bamboo plaque to work, insolate falls in sunlight, bask in when coming to work most probably, be about to fruit base enters wooden case.

⑦ sugar juice is made up, clear water will be added after licorice dolly successional infusion 2, add clear water every time 25 kilogram of 20 ~ , infusion 30 minutes. After boiling 2 the licorice juice that make to mix, filter with gauze, add candy to make 60% ~ next juice of sugar of licorice of 65% pH indicator. Juice of sugar of will all licorice falls into the cask of fruit base, via 1 ~ the filter after 2 days goes sugar juice.

⑧ air is basked in, get on fruit base shop to be basked in into travel air in bamboo plaque, the licorice sugar juice that when basking in, clean macerate crosses divides 5 into 4 ~ , cent second spill on fruit base, often flip through, wait for fruit base to bask in when coming to work most probably, can collect.

⑨ mixes makings, after collecting, mix flavor pink is become namely.

⑩ is packed, cent is installed in bag of plastic film food, also but adscititious chipboard box.

(3) quality asks. Finished product presents palm black, those who feed is sweet sweet, carry tart flavor slightly, candy does not stick a hand.
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