Chinese chestnut stores up middling sees degenerative reason and the way to deal

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Chinese chestnut is dried fruit, somebody thinks to be able to bear or endure than the fruit keep in storage, actually Chinese chestnut is afraid of dry, fear water, be afraid of heat up and be afraid of aspic, it is more fragile, cannot sell after insolation especially. Although of Chinese chestnut store up the method is more, but a bit misgovern can be caused weightlessness, gemmiparous reach metamorphism of serious mildew and rot. Sum up a following countermeasure now, offer fruit grower reference.

One, reason of metamorphism of chestnut fruit mildew and rot and countermeasure

Chinese chestnut mildew and rot is degenerative and main the disease resistance with breed, collect receive maturity and ambient conditions to having close relationship. Its mildew and rot is by the watch the bacterium such as mould, wood mould is invaded normally catch cause. Avoid the significant step with Chinese chestnut degenerative mildew and rot:

1, timely, reasonable arrangement is collected receive time. Luxuriant when the chestnut of Chinese chestnut by green turn yellow automatic craze, nut shows palm Brown, when complete tree has 1/3 cone craze, collect close. Collecting wet should keep away from when closing, the Chu Qing after rain or morning are collected when dew is not dry, otherwise easy cause serious mildew and rot. Collect after receiving period to should mature adequately in chestnut, undertake, such chestnut skin look is fresh, water content is low, contain all sorts of nutrition part tall, quality is good, be able to bear or endure store up.

2, collect after closing, had done sudoriferous and medicinal powder heat treatment. Collect the chestnut bud temperature that closes tall, washy, respiration intensity is big, cannot pile up centrally in great quantities, cause calorific mildew and rot easily otherwise. Cone should pile up be in the place with taller, cool, ventilated relief, the height of accumulation does not exceed 1 meter. To prevent to give out heat, do not luxuriant the ball impaction, also do not want the sun to be basked in continuously, the thing such as fireweed can be built above, rice of every other 3-5 inserts a bamboo pole, with benefit ventilated breathe freely, amount to drop in temperature defend wet action. The purpose is to let Li Bao come loose " field heat " , after making Li Shi is finished ripe reach chromatic. Pile up 8 days are controlled, li Bao medium Li Shi is taken out, fruit of eliminate ill bug, dry in the shade waits for lay aside 1 day.

3, with 2, what 4-D300-500ppm adds 2000 times juice is methylic the ferry that hold cloth in the palm sprays sawdust, put Chinese chestnut in sawdust to store up next, maintain 50% relative humidity, can maintain Chinese chestnut fresh, not gemmiparous not mildew and rot. Without Chinese chestnut sawdust, can use fruit of afore-mentioned medical fluid dip 3 minutes, can restrain mildew and rot effectively.

4, strengthen ventilated managing, drop temperature appropriately. Create appropriate microtherm condition, can make Li Shi breath abate, achieve the goal that prevents mildew and rot.
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