The vacuum of fruit dish lasts law

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Vacuum lasts the principle of the law is not fathomless, just use air pump to take out the air in sealed container come, decrease all the way as air, the oxygen in container also decreases accordingly, what gas smokes is more complete, among them oxygen is less also, this namely the reason that big crab while still alive gives stifle. In the process of bleed, while the air in sealed container is less and less, the air pressure with medium container also is reduced. But, because airy pressure did not decrease outside container, the pressure outside apparent container is compared inside big, because of the sunken circumstance inside this occurrence steam can. So, vacuum lasts the law also is called decompression to last law. Vacuum lasts the law uses vacuum technique to last namely the effective method of food, apply generally already now at insensate food to last. Change easily to those kinds of fragrance, and the requirement defends clear provision particularly effective, the potato that goes up like market piece, banana piece wait to use vacuum to last technology. Wait for the food that has life to fruit dish, also have decrease use up, delay maturity, prolong life, control the function of plant diseases and insect pests. But, be done and unlike treats a potato piece so simple and easy, lane is bad to appear probably the tragedy like big crab. In addition, vacuum lasts the compression capacity demand that the law expects to container material is particularly high, strict to technical requirement, investment is large, cost is high, accordingly, at present mass production still cannot apply generally. But, a bit can affirm, the high medicinal material with certain minor volume, food, raw material is to apply vacuum to last above all the object of the law.
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