Litchi does processing technique

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Bright litchi treatment is dry make, the history is long, finished product flesh is thick, smell is sweet, all through the ages reachs beautiful of give sb a present to taste to be tasted oneself, sell as far as to domestic and international. Machine the variety that litchi strikes, use Ci of Huai Zhi, polished glutinous rice more, it is beautiful with Ci of polished glutinous rice especially, thick nucleus of finished products flesh is small, honey is sweet alcohol is sweet, machine because price of Ci of polished glutinous rice is high lesser in recent years. The rate that controls dried fruit differs to have difference a bit according to condition of breed, climate and processing technique. Finished products 100kg, ci of raw material polished glutinous rice needs 400-500kg, huai Zhi needs 350-380kg only. Insolation of treatment method cent and heat are dry (fire bakes or heat up airing dry) , insolation and character of finished product of hot airing dry relatively beautiful, rice bakes take second place.

Insolation law: Small shop of spic of will fresh fruit insolates within big bamboo sieve, need fruit look by red turn dark rufous hind, one sky the sieve is enclothed retroflexion on fruit sieve, next eliminate bad fruit and cankered burst fructification. Turn over a sieve everyday, wait for have if really when working most probably, undertake shears if really, from cut near fruit the base of a fruit from, be in again sunshine midday pile fruit, 焗 of adscititious fruit banquet comes next morning, successive 3-4 day. 焗 fruit comes 9 into when working, if discover fruit carapace colour and lustre is not bright, want to undertake urging color, clear water spray is about to use below honest burning sun if really, asperse if really, color is improved somewhat. Bask in when litchi doing can attack with hammer to the seed smash make namely.

Heat is dry: Want to pick the fruit with pulp and fruit thick carapace, fruit is fresher better, maturity has 85% rubescent with housing quality, fruit stalk place still contains cyan for beautiful. Not quite fresh or overripe fructification makes the finished product colour and lustre that go out the area is shady. Do not want wet to gather the fruit that receive, this kind of fructification makes dry easy crack. Fire bakes the law is the fructification shop that will single out first bask in 2-3 day beforehand below burning sun of the buy on bamboo sieve, make one part water divides fructification evaporate, put litchi fry batter in a thin layer on the canopy face of bake again. Earth up kitchen, become with bricky build by laying bricks or stones, fuel is burned inside (coal, charcoal, bagasse and chaff) . First time bake 24 hours, every 2-3 hour flips through, put the fruit of classics bake bamboo a bamboo basket next or inside bamboo store up, lower berth cereal is branny, upper cover gunny-bag, time soft 3 days, make pulp doing wet even. Put again finally bake kitchen, carbonado appear to fruit get right on the job. Law of hot airing dry is fructification tile is in dry frame go up, plank had better be big eyelet, general diameter is 2cm, the ply of the shop does not exceed 15cm, accuse lukewarm 55-65 ℃ first, ventilated 5 hours, accuse lukewarm 80-85 ℃ again, ventilated 15 hours. Method of final goods inspection and insolation way are same.
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