Fruit thinning of banana fruit spic is strong fruit technology

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The fruit of banana fruit spic shows to broadleaf plant fruit growth is added when number is too much thick adverse, also can affect divide evenly of asymmetry of size of fruit spic fluctuation, affect the commodity value of the product. To improve the commodity grade of banana fructification, make size of fruit spic fluctuation evener, answer the banana plant with much result to undertake fruit thinning appropriately.

Fruit thinning and not the banana of fruit thinning, show volume is large if really different. Not the banana of fruit thinning, comb broadleaf plant points to average weight 239 grams, end combs broadleaf plant point to average weight 94 grams, head, end combs broadleaf plant show average weight differs 145 grams, broadleaf plant point to size six to one, head, end combs average broadleaf plant points to weigh 192 grams; The banana of fruit thinning, supply as a result of nutrient balanced, show size is even if really, head, end combs broadleaf plant show average weight differs 42 grams (236 grams - 194 grams) , head, end combs average broadleaf plant points to weigh 218 grams, than not of fruit thinning tall 13.54 % , the broadleaf plant that combs instead points to only 0.9, than not of fruit thinning 4.8 times lower, and fruit thinning is not big to influence of output of only individual plant, with not the banana crop of fruit thinning agrees basically.

Result of every individual plant can achieve banana of fruit spic fruit thinning 13 comb above, little also have 7 ~ 8 comb, how many what every spic combs number reachs fruit index, differ because of the way corp is growing of breed, plant and different. Broadleaf plant comb number and fruit index can affect gains growth to add too much thick, fructification is inhomogenous. Fruit thinning of banana fruit spic is bud hind is broken in banana, the fruit that combs dissatisfaction points to resect, of fruit thinning more or less to answer the development state of affairs of the green Xie Shu according to different plant and fructification and calm. The Xie Shu that be like blueness has 8-10 piece, have 11, of the 12 fruit spic that comb should scanty go to a rear 2 comb, stay 9, 10 comb; Have 13, the 14 fruit spic that comb should scanty go to a rear 3 comb, stay 10, 11 comb; The broadleaf plant spic of other stays 8, 9 it is advisable to comb, general scanty go to a rear slimsy 2 comb. When fruit thinning, the first comb fruit number is less, grow not orderly, often have return comb phenomenon, attention too close, grow irregular broadleaf plant resect, undesirable fruit points to development or a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant points to if really repeatedly wait to all be not withheld, also answer scanty go. The broadleaf plant that lets stay have the place balanced grow, make comb body is neat, commodity rate rises. Fruit thinning and break bud to be operated together, the final remaining part when fruit thinning combs had better choose leave 1-2 good fruit points to, undertake fruit thinning midday at sunshine. After fruit thinning, when waiting for juice of juice of cut of broadleaf plant axis to stop to spill over, with 5 % mildew can clever but times fluid of 300-400 of wet sex powder or 10 % Bao Lian (element of much oxygen mildew) but 500 times fluid brushs wet sex dust cut, in case bacteria infection causes decay of handle of fruit axis fruit. In the meantime, the style that carries fruit finger tip is excised with perianth, if show most advanced style stays to collect if really,excise, the broadleaf plant that cut pours out of breeds meeting pollution points to if really, affect fructification exterior.
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