Fruit thinning of banana fruit spic is strong fruit technology

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Timely Zhuang Guoxiang broadleaf plant blossom come bud hind is the period that shows stretchy rate is the rapiddest if really 10 days, increase the nutrition of banana right now, the growth to broadleaf plant fruit, add thick have apparent stimulative effect with weightening finish. In broadleaf plant spic the 8th comb when blossomming, with proper pH indicator plump agent adds green flourishing to spray point to 1 times if really, after broadleaf plant spic breaks bud 10 days spray 1 times again, can make point to growth if really so 2.1, 3 centimeters, add thick (week diameter) 0.5, 1 centimeters, odd fruit weightening finish 5, 10 grams. Dot of mist of the attention when spraying wants petty and even, gush comes not to drip water is degree. Spray in broadleaf plant fruit fertilizer of face of blade and grow element while, the ground cooperates to chase after apply water of bran of become thoroughly decomposed to mix compound fertilizer 2 times, its are strong fruit effect is better. Release a person: Date of? of  of discharge  die young: 2008-9-18 10:48:52 this information has been read33

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