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→ of burden of → of saccharify of → of the liquefaction that move pink filters → destroys → of enzymatic → decolour leaves hand in → to condense → antiseptic → to refine → crystallization → divides sweet → dry → to package → finished product

2. Operate a point:

(one) , starch of the commodity that move pink adds water or be starch milk move 30~33% chroma. Add acid or alkaline adjustment PH value comes 5.4~5.8, 55% what join dry basis of 350ml/t of gross of high temperature amylase.

(2) , ℃ of 105~108 of temperature of eject of liquefacient first time, belt approach hold time 15 minutes. ℃ of 135~140 of temperature of the 2nd eject, belt pressing hold time 2~3 minute. 45% what the drop after flash vaporization increases dry basis of 350ml/t of gross of high temperature amylase. Canister of reentrance laminar flow (maintain ≥98 ℃ ) continue to react, ≥120 of liquefacient total time minute. Liquefacient and terminal DE is worth 13~17% .

The ≥7.0kg/cm2 of demand of vapour pressure power of eject liquefaction. Ejector of first time liquefaction asks to be high-pressured ejector. Ejector of quadratic liquefaction is a heater namely, flash vaporization back pressure asks to be ≥2.5kg/cm2. The electrical conductivity of starch milk asks to be ≤500us/cm, PH is worth ≥5.0. Produce special product to need to destroy enzymatic, after laminar flow canister reoccupy ejector instant heats liquefacient juice comes 145 ℃ .

(3) , saccharification refrigeration comes 60~62 ℃ , add rare acerbity adjustment liquefacient fluid PH is worth 4.1~4.3, increase dry basis of compound saccharify enzymatic 1000ml/t. The static state reacts 48 hours. Saccharification terminus DE is worth ≥98% . Saccharification canister can be chosen compress air agitate. Liquefacient fluid drops in temperature can choose form establishing a canal or heat exchanger of helix board type. The bottom of saccharification canister is taper. Ensure go out every time makings the fluid that do not have incomplete, prevent to expect fluid catchs bacterium to ferment.

(4) , burden namely saccharification fluid and dextrose mother liquor mix, the purpose is to raise crystallization candy to must be led, reduce amount of the platoon outside mother liquor. The quality standard of saccharification fluid and burden of dextrose mother liquor is worth for DE 94% , stock is new and clear. Suspension is in that oily lipoprotein of saccharification fluid upside kind sugar juice cannot be used at burden. DE is worth the mother liquor of ≤89% to cannot be used at burden. The mother liquor that the massecuite place depart with the 6th every periodic production gives crystallization coal tub need not at burden, all outside platoon sale. The burden bulk of fluid of normal circumstance saccharify and mother liquor compares for 80: 20.

(5) , filter makings fluid warms up to 75~80 ℃ , join activated carbon. Dosage is dry basis 1.5% (decolour of the path after also can be being used and strong strain tear open the useless charcoal below) . That oily lipoprotein of saccharification fluid upside kind sugar juice should be handled alone before filter press is saturated. Decolour canister can be chosen compress air agitate. The sugar juice after filtering is clear, transparent, without foreign matter. Light transmittance ≥94% .
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