The manufacturing technology of crystallization dextrose and operation want a pl

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(6) , destroy enzymatic destroy enzymatic choose ejector, the edge gives makings edge to warm up to 75~80 ℃ , 20 minutes maintain inside decolour canister can. Destroy enzymatic with filter synchronism undertakes.

(7) , new activated carbon of the rejoin in decolour sugar juice, 3% what dosage is dry basis. Inside decolour canister agitate enters filter press after 20 minutes. Wet charcoal of activated carbon choose and buy had better, filter press chooses a type machinery filter press or undercurrent form board casing filter press, facilitate the environment that produces a workshop keeps clean. The sugar juice after decolour is clear, transparent, colorless, mix without bubble the bead that do not have charcoal. Light transmittance ≥96% .

(8) , leave flow of art of hand over a completed project to be: Bed of shade of ~ of open bed of ~ of bed of shade of open bed ~ . In all 3 groups leave make cylinder, move arrange combination (1.2) (2.3) (3.1) . Discharge is 2.5 BV/h, temperature≤55 ℃ , the electrical conductivity of juice of the sugar before handing in should ≤700 Us/cm. The pressure inside the first column when moving should ≤2.0 ㎏ / Cm2. Colophony layer is tall 2.3 M of 2.1 ~ . Have flower board from the bottom that make cylinder, device water cap and laid is certain high quartz is arenaceous. From the tube bank in handing in column to want to set, drop second birth agent use up. After colophony is penetrable, the sugar juice in column should compress the canister before empty baric best friend or tone pink canister completely by clean. Before second birth must flood is measured (5 ~ 8.0 BV/h) wash instead, till go up,tube bank gives the light transmittance ≥96% of water. The rare acerbity chroma of second birth agent is 5 % of 4 ~ , rare alkaline chroma 4 % of 3 ~ . When second birth finishs drip washing, want first slow (1 ~ 1.5 BV/h) hind fast (5 ~ 8.0 BV/h) . Answer from the electrical conductivity of juice of the sugar after handing in ≤50 Us/cm, PH is worth 3.8 ~ 4.5, light transmittance ≥98% .

(9) evaporate to fall through much effect velar evaporator condenses sugar juice solid form content be 72.5 ~ 73.5% . Heater job should keep successional, vapour total pressure ≥0. 5Pma. One effect evaporates room candy is lukewarm 90 ℃ of 80 ~ 2 effect evaporate room candy is lukewarm 75 ℃ of 65 ~ 3 effect evaporate room candy is lukewarm 55 ℃ of 45 ~ all steam coagulate water all should be collected, basically use at boiler to mix from foreword of hand over a completed project (the water that is used at drip washing colophony is warm ≤50 ℃ ) .

(10) what sterilization outputs much effect evaporator is medium lukewarm syrup heats through board type heat exchanger, the instant warms up to 95 ~ 105 ℃ , maintain 0.8 ~ 1.4min can.

(11) refine by a type machinery that lays charcoal layer via already besmearing the syrup after high temperature sterilization press is undertaken filtering decolour. Activated carbon (wet) add a quantity to be 0.5%/t dry basis. Ensure syrup does not leak when filter cloth laid charcoal bead. Function of filter-press of decolour of a thick oar uses 30 hours, the useless charcoal of debus but reoccupy at before path decolour working procedure.
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