Hill field comes loose the chicken that raise an egg is practical technology

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Hill field comes loose the chicken that raise an egg basically is collected because of its eat field insect, careless seed, tree seed, pure food, what produce egg mouthfeel good, pure green, free from contamination, without social effects of pollution, belong to safety to be at ease food, favor by broad consumer. Hill field comes loose the egg price tall 1/3 that raises the egg price of egg chicken to compare the pure fowl-run that abandon raise commonly, very supreme during Chinese traditional festival is like the Spring Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival piece one times much still. Area of field of easy county hill is vast, in last few years, hill field comes loose the chicken that raise an egg already became easy county a when a mountainous area farmer takes off deficient to become rich good way. Author ground comes loose a few years to field of my county hill the practice experience of the chicken that raise an egg, go up in the foundation of extensive investigation, summary, how to master hill field to come loose of the chicken that raise an egg raise administrative technique to make the following and brief introducing:
One, principle of optional location of hill field henhouse

Tall dry of ① n exposed to the sun, relief, drainage is good, the environment is quiet; ② is earthy should water penetration is good, it is beautiful with sandiness soil; ③ source of water is enough, assure water supply of the four seasons, water quality free from contamination; ④ electric power, communication, communication is relatively easy, the distance of henhouse and main main road not less than 500 meters.

2, breed dimensions

Those who breed economic atmosphere of a hill field area that can have actually according to oneself, family and labour force more or less will decide. The better to economic atmosphere, family that has 9 able-bodied person, raise scale with 500 ~ 1000, field of every mus of hill raises 60 ~ 80 advisable, can assure egg chicken already so swing, collect feed, because of,can prevent hill field vegetation effectively again of chicken excessive collect feed and be destroyed; Can assure to have better economic benefits at the same time, facilitate raise management daily. But field of hill of large to having area, have unused able-bodied person, the family with first-rate economic atmosphere, also but according to actual condition, expand appropriately breed dimensions, with period gain bigger economic profit.

3, breed variety

Give priority to in order to choose breed of chicken of egg of carapace of high grade pink, be like B4, Hai Lan, elegant health, Luo Man pink. Chicken of this kind of high grade egg comes loose in coequal hill field raise a requirement next having produce an egg much, orderly degree of tall, manageable character, plant at feeding this locality land relatively bavin chicken, egg character better, economic benefits is more remarkable.

4, raise management

(one) of chickling raise management (0 ~ 6 week age)
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