Hill field comes loose the chicken that raise an egg is practical technology

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Because chickling has temperature adjustment function to be not perfected, grow rate is rapid, metabolism is exuberant, gastric volume is minor, digestion is weak, the characteristic such as disease-resistant force and difference of be gregarious sex. Accordingly, the following respects must note in raising management:

1. The wholesome disinfection before eating chicken works. Be in before eating chicken 7 days, want to clean henhouse inside and outside clean thoroughly, clear water of the reoccupy after with 1% ~ the caustic soda water of 2% immerses 2 hours rinses the ground clean; Room of coop, brood uses fumigation of potassium permanganate, formalin 24 hours together, next, open door window entirely, pass 5 ~ 7 days, warm up again after platoon of harmful remain gas is clean into chicken (attention: The feeding rack of abluent, air, watering trough should be put into brood room ahead of schedule, undertake fumigation at the same time with brood room) .

2. Henhouse temperature. a week with 33 ~ 35 ℃ are advisable, later every two days fall 1 ℃ , fall every week 3 ℃ of 2 ~ , 5 week hind fall 25 ℃ of 22 ~ . Brood room should undertake warm-up first in before eating chicken 24 hours (burning hot and seasonal except) , so that indoor achieve chickling place to require temperature ahead of schedule.

3. Illumination. Illumination basically has two sides to the influence of chickling, it is illumination time, 2 it is illumination intensity.

① illumination time. Time of before brood 3 days of illumination 23 ~ 24 hours, decrease 3 hours every week later, till natural illumination.

② illumination intensity. a week uses brood 40 made of baked clay bulb, lamp span 3 meters, be apart from the ground 2 meters; Convert later from the 2nd week 25 made of baked clay bulb, illumination intensity 3 tile / square metre.

4. Raise density. 1 ~ 10 day age, 60 ~ 50 / square metre; 11 ~ 20 day age, 40 ~ 30 / square metre; 31 ~ 40 day age, 30 ~ 20 / square metre; 41 ~ 60 day age, 20 ~ 15 / square metre; 60 ~ 90 day age, 10 ~ 8 / square metre.

5. Water and raise is fed. The raise after chickling waters first is fed.

① waters. After entering brood room via the chickling of line-haul, rest slightly can water, ordinary water is warm with 18 ~ 22 ℃ are best. Stimulate response to reduce carriage process to answer mediumly, but drink the dextrose water of 5% ; Before brood chicken two weeks join antibiotic in water (Sha Xing of the Nuo that be like anthracene, fluorine Pai acid) , connect water 5 days in case the happening of gallinaceous dysentery characterized by white mucous stool.

② raise is fed. Be in commonly water 2 ~ undertake after 3 hours, raise feeds time in order to give the 24 ~ after housing 36 hours advisable, the longest do not exceed 48 hours. Had better use nutrition rich, easily makings of grain of total value of peck and digestive chickling, if use farinaceous material, before feeding, should mix feed wet, also but advanced 3 days are fed mix wet millet, change again later help sb to fulfill his wishes valence makings. When raise is fed, before 3 days use charging tray or white paper, the area has been jumped over greatly more, change feeder later. Feed two hours 3 days at first, a few add frequently, as chicken the addition of day age, everyday raise feeds a frequency to reduce 4 ~ 6 times. In 3 day age, should notice the weak cheeper winkle that will not eat and drink in time, chase a church to water with collect feed, in order to raise survival rate.
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