Hill field comes loose the chicken that raise an egg is practical technology

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6. Epidemic prevention. 7 ~ 8 day age, 28 day age, Ⅱ of epidemic disease of gallinaceous new city is fastened or Ⅳ fastens key point of a bazoo, point; 14 day age, 28 day age, seedling of weak poison of bursa of gallinaceous law family name waters immunity; 34 day age, poisonous power young plant waits to water in bursa of gallinaceous law family name immunity. Every time after immunity, in feed or in watering, can add appropriately electroanalysis [by screen] , in order to reduce chicken group should stimulate response.

(2) Yo is become period raise management (7 ~ 20 week age)

1. Put in a suitable place to breed with filling raise. During Yo is become, can put in a suitable place to breed chicken in Shanchangnei. Put in a suitable place to breed due personnel guard, in case the eagle, snake animal harm to chicken. According to chicken group freedom is collected feed degree namely craw size, respectively midday, have filling raise appropriately towards evening. Filling raise can become gallinaceous feed with Yo, the unprocessed food grains such as usable also corn, millet, wheat (to raise digestive rate, after had better undertaking unprocessed food grains smashing, feed again) ; The first time when filling raise uses a kind of voice (the sound that add sentry post, feel uncertain, strike gong) call together chicken to come back, make this one sound originallies to come down surely later, make come loose to raise chicken to be familiar with gradually and form conditional reflex, once this kinds of sound rings, put in a suitable place to breed hill field everywhere chicken can fling caution to the winds to kindle rally to filling raise, so special facilitating government.

2. Illumination. Whole Yo is adopted into period appropriate shorten gradually illumination time, but come loose to hill field raise chicken to be able to use natural illumination completely, day break puts chicken, the day is black close chicken.

3. Water. If Shanchangnei has urine channel, spring, and water capacity is sufficient, can take no account of water problem; Otherwise, should filling raise while water to chicken.

4. Epidemic prevention. 50 day age, with pass a H52 vaccine drop bazoo or point key point; 60 day age, vaccine of the blain that use chicken undertakes pricking planting in the trigonometry area of gallinaceous wing; 70 day age, drip with vaccine of contagious larynx tracheitis bazoo or point key point; 120 day age, with reduce 2 couplet young plant newly intramuscular injection.

(3) of egg period raise management (21 ~ 72 week age)

After chicken raises 140 day age, begin to produce an egg in succession, it is the key that hill field raises chicken to see benefit period.

1. Illumination. Begin compensatory illumination time from 21 week age, till illumination time achieves 16 hours, secure illumination time to be 16 hours from beginning to end after that, illumination intensity with 4 tile / square metre is advisable, the lamp is apart from the ground not to exceed 2 meters.
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