Hill field comes loose the chicken that raise an egg is practical technology

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2. Filling raise. Right amount in filling feed add a beans to dregs of rice, earthnut cake, fish meal and conch pink, feed recipe is: The beans dregses of rice 10% , earthnut cake 7% , fish meal 4% , corn 60% , bran 13% , conch pink 5.65% , salt 0.35% .

3. Water. Be the same as brood period.

4. Preparation produces egg litter. Produce egg period to want to be built inside filling raise dot or henhouse 30 centimeters long, 25 centimeters wide, deep 30 centimeters yield egg nest, it is advisable to build a shelter yield an egg with every 3 chickens, right amount and dry hay or wheat straw are set in nest yield an egg, in order to reduce egg damaged. Want training to come loose raise chicken to produce an egg in fixed place.

There also is a dog to lead the way that collect an egg in practice: The dog uses egg feed as a child, there is special smell to the egg after be brought up, accordingly, the breeder can pull a dog to collect an egg. This law can come loose as hill field only a kind of complement that raises egg chicken to collect an egg.

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