The processing technique of Chinese chestnut stuffing

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Chinese chestnut weighs fruit of chestnut, lard to wait again. Chinese chestnut is a kind of nut, amylaceous content is higher, aux used to replaces commissariat, it is one of our country's famous dried fruit. Chinese chestnut nutrition is rich, opaque is exquisite, cooked food is sugary glutinous aroma, get of our country people love. Chinese chestnut is had raise a stomach be good at the effect with strong anything resembling a tendon or vein of lienal, filling kidney, hemostatic invigorate the circulation of blood. Be in early " Lv age " in have " the beauty of fruit person, jiang Pu's tangerine, the chestnut of beanstalk hill " beautiful praise, " this draft classics " in also mention " chestnut Fang Zhixin one child calling chestnut wedge, effect of blame of invigorate the circulation of blood " .

Chinese chestnut is our country's main exit item. Gave priority to in order to export former fruit all the time in the past, in recent years Li Ren of a few quick-freeze is exported, but basically also be with raw material the form is exported, main export target is Japan. After Chinese chestnut is exported, in the country tegument treatment fries pink of stuffing of Chengdu of Chinese chestnut, chestnut, chestnut, chestnut to wait into candy sell. The treatment amount of chestnut stuffing is a few larger, basically machine with what wait at confectionery, biscuit.

In recent years, the year after year of output of Chinese chestnut fresh fruit of our country increases by degrees. To rise farming by-product is add value, to exit exit raw material change of finished product direction becomes our working target. Additional, to expand ceaselessly inside need, add the variety of design and color of food, the provision with ceaseless new development also is our working key.

The treatment of Chinese chestnut stuffing in home and use still do not see more, because this article undertook initial exploration with respect to the treatment of Chinese chestnut stuffing.

(One) material and equipment

(Chinese chestnut of 1) raw material, choose Beijing outskirt " swallow hill Chinese chestnut " ; Saccharic, candy of one class Bai Sha; Citric acid, feed grade; Sulphurous acid natrium, EDTA, chemistry is simple; Vitamin C, class of medicines and chemical reagents; Denaturation is amylaceous, city makes work.

(Boiler of interlining of equipment of 2) main instrument, crusher, colloid is ground, packer.

(2) main technological process

(3) operate a point

(1) choosing makings asks to choose fresh and full, local color the normal, eat by moth that do not have bug, change without mildew, not gemmiparous Chinese chestnut makes raw material.

(Production of industrialization of 2) exuviate flay can use mechanical flay, manual flay can be used when a few treatment, but Li Ren is not injured when noticing manual flay, immerse Li Ren instantly at protecting lubricious fluid in, lest Li Ren oxidizes,become angry.
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