Soup juice ricefield eel machines craft pottedly

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Anthology makings → butcher and break up → to examine → treatment makes → install → of sterilization of coal tub → to examine → is packed.

2, the point that make

Choose makings choice weight 100 grams left and right sides, without disease hale ricefield eel makes raw material, notice eliminate the traumatic ricefield eel such as mildew of hairiness of watch of those posture thin and small, body, rinse repeatedly with clear water next, purify body expresses contamination.

Butcher uses bovine character or stainless steel makes flat look inclined mouth delimit knife, when butcher ricefield eel, eel head day left, the abdomen is outward, back to in put on board, holding with left hand thumb, forefinger and middle finger cervical, lever a gap that sees fishbone, upend of knife of right hand general, insert spinal flesh from breach place in, point of a knife is not penetrable eel flesh, delimit from the head rear, turn over eel body, with delimit the knife sticks close eel to insert again, delimit next whole backbone flesh.

After eel examining to defeat an abdomen after slaughtering, if discover bug of filament of the hairiness inside bowel, eel must destroy by melting or burning, examine after the eel flesh classics of the bug that do not have disease is cleaned, undertake machining again.

The eel fish that treatment will picked is abluent, cut growing 10~15 centimeter, 0.5 centimeters wide right-and-left slightness is flat, take middle eel flesh only commonly, head, end, bone uses juice of the soup that make. the eel cruelly oppress that has cut, match by every 100 kilograms with lardy 2 kilograms, garlic powder 1.2 kilograms, cooking wine 1 kilogram. First will lardy put heat is burned inside boiler, put the eel cruelly oppress that has cut to break up quickly next fry, add garlic powder, cooking wine, wait for fry to 78 maturity when, have pot instantly, go up again basket evaporate 10~15 minute, can appear.

The eel head that makes up Shang Zhixian to had broken up butcher, end, bone joins right amount and lardy, refined salt and right amount water infusion, to soup juice color when thick taste is little, rejoin a few essence are amylaceous, agitate becomes state of thin qualitative colloid.

Outfit canister will process good eel fish and meat, call heavy 270~280 the gram, tie-in and even, in loading coal tub hind, add juice of right amount soup.

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