The apple is badly in need of strengthening postpartum recuperation

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Early apple is like the United States in 8, pull wait to had appeared on the market sell end, a lot of fruit grower think to be able to loosen the mouth was enraged, but no good of this kind of viewpoint, the fruiter follows a person same, postpartum very frail, also need " filling body " , answer to strengthen management from the following respects:

   Ill bug prevents and cure Early apple is collected in this year close period rainy, and collect close period cannot gush medicine, created a condition to happening of plant diseases and insect pests, this period the happening that should check the plant diseases and insect pests such as cankered disease, dry corrupt disease and long-corn, red spider above all circumstance, undertake in time preventing and cure.

   Compensatory nutrition The apple is collected after closing, should complement in time nutrition. Besmear of usable leaf leavening dough works, or combinative prevention and cure is inchoate deciduous leaf disease and red spider sparge of foliaceous leavening dough is added in drug.

   Strengthen management In the later period administration of early apple and late-mature apple occurs a few differences. In the growth of early apple the characteristic is Chun Saowang, Xia Sao weak (because Xia Sao growth period just is fructification expand, autumn) , Qiu Saowang and time is short (only a month) . The last ten-day of a month came in July the first ten days of a month was Xia Sao stops August long-term, be worth collect sell the very busy season of fruit if really, fruit grower is not considered on management. The apple is collected after closing, the burden that establish system is reduced, together with autumn is rainy, the middle ten days of a month met again to the middle ten days of a month on September in August Qiu Saowang is long-term, without giving thought to,be like indulge, 30~50 centimeter erect branch can grow reach 1.5 meters even 2 meters, exceed thumb thick, bring about nutrition to use up overmuch, cause next year fall beautiful premature drop is severe, cultivate situation slacken. And the operation when if be in,managing is undeserved, overmuch scanty mix except the branch on the back intercept bough prematurely to extend a branch, can cause in those days bud become divided is undesirable, cause next year reduction of output. Right way: Answer to fall in the premise that distinguishs tree situation, with situation calm law, distinction is treated. The branch pulling the land on too low to be apart from the ground big bough, bough, medium upside is serious and airtight on the branch of jackknife big branch should as soon as possible is scanty except, be helpful for flourishing tree accusing coronal and sure sign to become a flower so, and be in Qiu Sao growth period, cut heal is fast, benefit at fruiter safety live through the winter. To the branch on the back, strong the branch is not moved, right advocate the flourishing branch of diversionary action since side branch from base the ministry begins much talk to turn branch, disappear is weak its flourishing situation, lane of empty flourishing branch turns branch, but base the ministry is not moved, make its rejuvnation. To diversionary branch must not premature scanty except, it is scanty that to September the last ten-day of a month decides again divide or use. To the branch on the other back of bough, if be opposite advocate, side branch does not have diversionary action scanty except, those who use a space turn branch.
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