Corn straw feeds an ox to prevent toxic

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After fall crop is harvested, there is many corn straw after room dooryard. Some people think with corn straw feeds an ox directly, the constitution of OK and compensatory ox, achieve the goal of filling raise. Be not actually such. The ox is collected in great quantities after feeding leaf of corn straw, corn, can cause toxic, light person have loose bowels, dehydrate of the person that weigh, walk faint, n/med having blood in one's stool, die even.
Accordingly, feed an ox with leaf of corn stalk, corn, feed a quantity to should not exceed 30% what raise feeds gross, and should feed with raise of other feed collocation, perhaps pass ferment, after ensiling again raise is fed, such ability avoid effectively toxic, and enhance its dainty sex.
After Xie Fasheng of straw of bovine surfeit corn, corn is toxic, answer to water instantly, shui Zhongtian adds right amount white sugar and a few salt, use fry wheat aphid bud 200 grams, fry radish child 300 grams, grind in all end, add feed vinegar 1000 milliliter fill is taken, or with garlic 250 grams pound, add water 1500 milliliter fill is taken, everyday 2, take 3 days repeatedly. Release a person: Date of? of  of discharge  die young: 2008-9-22 10:18:35 this information has been read4

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