Pineapple preserved fruit, conserve makes a method

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Pineapple is one of fruit of the 4 flood austral mountain, in me the province grows an area big, yield is high. Gust of fresh pineapple fruit is distinctive, acerbity sweet moderate, faint scent tastily, but water content is high, do not be able to bear or endure lay aside carry. Be worth to increase its economy to add, can machine pineapple conserve of pineapple preserved fruit, pineapple. Its machine a method to be as follows:

One, pineapple preserved fruit

1? Raw material chooses to reach processing: Had better choose without disease, it is without bug, maturity most probably green ripe fruit, clean 2 times with tap water, reoccupy stainless steel expurgation of knife general skin, cut 2 centimeters of × 2 centimeters small or 2 centimeters of × 5 centimeters strip reserves.
2? Candy of chowchow, ooze: The pineapple that will cut or piece, put into household utensils of stainless steel boiler, the Bai Sha candy that adds 30 % mixes divide evenly is placed 6, 12 hours. Pour afore-mentioned fruit, fluid into skillet next, the nature after boiling 1 hour is cooling. Be in after refrigeration often press next quiet place, let its ooze candy 12 hours.
3? Drop of pineapple fruit bead dry, drying: With spoon of stainless steel net the fruit bead fish out chowchow hind, drop uses up sugar juice, carbonadoing dish on, throw the drying in sweatbox, stop to heat when fruit bead moisture achieves about 28 % , take out fruit bead, nature is cooling.
4? Pack, put in storage: Pack with edible polybag, Feng Mi, put in storage, pineapple preserved fruit is made.
5? Note: (Content of 1) pineapple fiber is rich, acid content is higher also. The bright brittleness of preserved fruit and chowchow time are concerned. The experiment makes clear, it is with chowchow time of 60 minutes optimal, brittleness of bright of finished product of its preserved fruit is good, acid is sweet moderate, color is golden, diaphaneity is good. (The quantity containing sugar of 2) preserved fruit should reach certain height, ability assures the quality of finished product. When the quantity that contain sugar amounts to 65 % or above, ability of the expiration period below condition of nature of pineapple preserved fruit achieves above of half an year. But consume ideal incline to at present at low candy, low the adipose, food that provides sanitarian function.

2, pineapple conserve

Pineapple conserve can use the sugar juice that drop of place of preserved fruit of the pineapple that make comes out to undertake making as raw material.

1? Raw material chooses to reach processing: Make with pineapple preserved fruit identical.
2? Candy of chowchow, ooze: Make with pineapple preserved fruit identical.
3? Pineapple sugar juice is added pectic, move candy acidity: With the fruit juice after holding pol appearance to measure classics chowchow, pass computation, join Bai Sha candy, make content of content of form of sugar juice solid achieves 60 % , 65 % , the drinking water that adds 1 times classics to purify, 1 % , the Shan Li acerbity Potassium of the citric acid of the pectic, 0.3 % of 5 % , 0.05 % , mix is even.
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