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The cook method of sauce and bittern has a lot of similar place, old friend people often will both call " sauce stew in soy sauce " . Actually otherwise, sauce makes uses sauce, use fabaceous sauce, face sauce formerly to wait surely, convert more now soy or add candy color to wait, colour and lustre of sauce finished products shows sauce more red or rufous, use now to be made now commonly, do not leave old juice, goods often passes sauce to close in the nature in boiler stiff wrap add or artificially Tu Mei, and make goods appearance is stuck wrap mushy, classics of a lot of range of raw material role bloat be soiled or cross oil to wait, the cook method be current of sauce at north, and the be current of cook square law of bittern at south, reason has " south bittern north sauce " say.

Goods of sauce stew in soy sauce can each district of fashionable whole nation, the times favour that gets customer, this and the distinguishing feature that itself has are not assigned, it is gust above all distinctive. Below the action of dressing and souse, goods colour and lustre is pleasing to the eye, already inside and outside is alled over red, have Bai Li again fully red with the product that carries ecru and elegant of primitive simplicity, give a person the enjoyment of a kind of mentally, stimulate the person's appetite. Products of sauce, bittern arrives in the flavour that cooks itself of raw material of process lieutenant general and progressively infiltration the flavour of the sauce of raw material interior, thick gravy (with flavor sweet give priority to) produce effect, make goods flavor full-bodied, its are sweet full-bodied and tangy. Next, practical wide. Goods of sauce, bittern already but cold drinks and snacks, can heat up again feed, old little all appropriate, can regard banquet as medium cold food already, can make cole, snack, fastfood, sock again, facilitate carry, it is a kind of good travel food. Again, make handy. Want to had allocated sauce, thick gravy only, burn raw material the maturity that boil next with respect to Ding with, after depositing proper time like goods, the boil in wanting reentry boil juice only a few boil, can save several days again.

Pass used sauce, thick gravy several times, common weighs Laoshang. The gust quality of goods of dish of sauce stew in soy sauce is beautiful with Laoshang, and old Shang You is mixed with been cook for many times of a variety of raw material for beautiful, if be used for many times,had cooked chicken and porky old soup, its goods is superexcellent, reason constant will " hundred years old soup " regard curiosa as.

Of sauce, thick gravy make up the cent that presses district, have south, of north not, by the color of condiment cent has red, white difference.

Sauce, thick gravy has red, white two kinds, the general recipe of red bittern is boiling water 2000g, soy 400g, salt 30g, anise, licorice, cassia bark each 10g, chinese prickly ash, clove, ginger, green each 2g, rock candy or white sugar 300g, 200g of carry on wine; The recipe of white bittern and red bittern essentially similar, just measure instead 100g with salt, need not soy and candy.
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