Chu Dong clutchs bug of drive of flocks and herds

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Helminthic of flocks and herds is at the beginning of Qiu Modong optimal season. Because the autumn is the season of abundant of careless much food, flocks and herds passes this period depasture and raise, different level land adds general metropolis fat. If discover during this,continue emaciated, explain to there is helminth inside body of flocks and herds. To assure live through the winter of safety of flocks and herds, comprehensive and complete drive worm should have to flocks and herds before entering a winter. Its specific drive bug means is:

Because bug chooses drug

The sort of helminth of infection of flocks and herds is very much, some still can produce amalgamative infection. Accordingly, before using drug, should be checked through excrement and urine and all sorts of symptom expression undertake serious diagnose, choose anthelmintic content appropriately according to the sort of helminth next.

Subgroup experiments

When having drive worm to swarm flocks and herds, want to choose a few flocks and herds to undertake medical effect experiments first, the purpose of the experiment is: The medicaments that sees an alternative is right disease; 2 it is to prevent flocks and herds large quantities of toxic, because of anthelmintic content mostly noxiousness is bigger. Must pass a test so, test and verify is used to swarm flocks and herds again after safety is effective really.

Drive bug method

1, circular wireworm: Basically ascarid, nodular worm, hookworm, whipworm waits, these helminth inside the enteron of sheep of constant parasitism Yu Niu. To these helminth, can choose the delicate dipterex solution of 1% . The ox presses every kilograms of weight 0.1 grams, the sheep presses every kilograms of weight 0.06 grams computation, hollow fill is taken, daily 1, take 3 days repeatedly.

2, liver piece fluke: Can choose saltpetre chloric phenol, the ox presses every kilogram weight 6 milligram, the sheep presses every kilogram weight fill takes the dose of 3 milligram, everyday, take 3 days repeatedly.

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