Wild Shan Sun

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Wild Shan Sun:
Li in relief local speciality- - history of bamboo shoot of wild hill of weather eye lake is long, use place to high grade bright bamboo shoot is machined and be become, craft fastidious, local color is distinctive, the beautiful that is banquet of gift relatives and friends, family is tasted. Dried bamboo shoots is green of a kind of high protein, low adipose, rich fibrous natural health food. Often take bamboo shoot, can promote alvine wall peristalsis not only, promotional digest, and can pledge the toxicant in liver bowel adsorption is taken away, reduce what toxicant pledges to accumulate stay and absorb, the microelement such as E of cheese ammonia acid, G, S E is contained a lot ofin dried bamboo shoots especially, arise to restraining cancer cell, prevent pancreas to degrade, maintain human prolong life to have very remarkable officinal function.
Bamboo shoot not only have cate raw material, and still can be used as medicine. Su Dongpo of acting writer of the Song Dynasty, poet praises bamboo shoot “ is waited for Yu Gan answers tine buccal, already was defeated by cliff honey 10 hair are sweet ” ; Liu You of another great poet returns Song Dai to cook bamboo shoot personally, the poem says: Bright phearl of “ Yi solid cook a meal, hill of …… of white jade of food of bitter bamboo shoot is deep little salt cheese, thin to flavour sufficient. ” traditional Chinese medical science thinks bamboo shoot is flavour pleasant, weak, small suffering, cold, have use of dispel the wind of clear hot diuresis, invigorate the circulation of blood, can treat the disease such as ulcer of rheumatism, dyspepsia, cough, sore. Li Shizhen " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " carry flavour of “ bamboo shoot to suffer from Gan Han, advocate treat do not sleep, go heating up on appearance and tongue yellow, disappear is thirsty bright eye, the poison that see alcoholic drink, divide next effort of steam, increase, diuresis, aerification nitrogen, manage wind heats up n/med beriberi, treating ” of aphonia of the catch a cold after perspiring to see bamboo shoot is the article that cure feeds all beautiful.

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