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Head of fish of weather eye lake: It is head of fish of vacuum-packed arenaceous boiler, choose travel of national AAAA stage to go vacationing area- - weather eye lake is produced formerly feral water of lake of eye of big grey silver crap, weather is main raw material, by renown hutch be the chef, elaborate secret is made, use contemporary food to treatment craft refines and be become. It has Shang Zhichun thick, bright and not raw meat or fish, fat and not the taste characteristic of be bored with, more contain rich protein, human body must all sorts of amino acid, vitamins and cent of mineral nurturance waiting for battalion, accord with need of human body nutrition, it is the delicate cate that presents the relatives and friends, fete that occupy the home.
Monovalent: ; 108 yuan / box; 128 yuan / box; 158 yuan; / box

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