2008 Shanghai " Taiwan businessman temple fair "

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Temple fair of Taiwan businessman of 2008 Shanghai “”

Ad hoc two sides of the Taiwan Straits communicates local speciality of the —— that exhibit an area, fastfood zone

Date: On September 29, 2008 - the ground nodded on October 3: Shanghai car can exhibit a center (rich garden road 7575)

Network address: Www.movine.com.cn

Sponsor an unit: Shanghai Taiwan brethren invests industry association

Shanghai fine the labour that decide an area appoint meeting

Assist run an unit: Shanghai herd sound is a long time ago culture orgnaization

Shanghai praise tall exhibition engineers limited company

Support an unit: Shanghai fine government of the people that decide an area

Support an unit particularly: Office of general affairs of Taiwan of Shanghai people government

Media support: Stand of Shanghai people government does the office of information, CCTV, people central phoenix of broadcast broadcasting station, Hong Kong protects the reputation of company of magazine of company of magazine of Taiwan businessman of broadcast broadcasting station, Shanghai TV station, Oriental TV station, China, emigrant Shanghai, Pujiang inspect, Taiwan each are big media

Previous term or session exhibits can review:

● exhibits an area: 30, 000 square metre

● exhibits digit to measure: 1, 500 are exhibited

● exhibits trade measure: 2, 500

● watchs many number: 200, 000 person-time

Brand of ● numerous Taiwan, gather together: Already provided quite in the mainland famous spend always mix the Taiwan brand all such as coffee of Xian Guo of soya-bean milk, Ji Gu, Tian Fuming tea, health master, Long Fengshui dumpling, true boiler comes on stage, exhibit assemble collect Taiwan all sorts of gust are fastfood: Foot of pig of congee of decoct of the young that be like Ke, maw, 10 thousand hill, sweet not hot, but the characteristic product such as a thick soup of rice cake of young of the son face, grass that burn celestial being, canister, beautiful branch.

● spot dealing atmosphere is grumous, occasion is hot: Exhibit count of business feedback information according to the part, the spot clinchs a deal the quantity amounts to many yuan of 3000 RMB, intent clinchs a deal the quantity achieves several RMBs. The majority postpones business can special to exhibiting satisfaction, express to want to continue to attend below exhibit meeting.

Look into 2008:

” of temple fair of 2008“ Taiwan businessman will succeed 2 times afore on held base, add “ two sides of the Taiwan Straits newly to communicate the ” that exhibit an area, show the gain of plentiful and substantial that cross-strait economy culture communicates in the round, be those who drive cross-strait economy is double won development to increase new approach. In the meantime, current exhibit meeting general fastfood industry ginseng exhibits concessionary mainland, among them local speciality of ad hoc —— , fastfood zone, adopt cross-strait enterprise to pay equal attention to, the management concept of mutually beneficial win-win, enlarge an influence further, deepen understanding, strengthen complementary, stimulative two sides the communication of fastfood culture and development.
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