Facility of the 14th Muscovite baking and food raw material are exhibited

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Hamster bake industry the first exhibit
The history: 14 years
Exhibit meeting name: Facility of the 14th Muscovite baking and food raw material are exhibited
Exhibit meeting address: Russia Moscow Krasnaya Presnya Expo Center
Show time: In October 2008 13-16 day
The Asia always acts as agent: Hong Kong exhibits group limited company easily
Sponsor an orgnaization: German OWP shows a company

Develop together with Russia economy, exhibited meeting growth 2007 momentum is powerful
According to Russia government newest statistic, close in all the consumption that population of 1.4 billion consumption increases them to go up in food ceaselessly, this one growth was achieved 2007 8% , the spending of bake food respect increases especially remarkable, russia people is right the exterior of bake food, pack, the attention of respect of mouthfeel, healthy function is the main reason that makes bake food expenditure rises.

Facility of Muscovite 2007 baking and raw material are exhibited with compared 2006, join the amount that postpone business to grow 22% , exhibit an area to grow 74% , come from 22 countries in all 15400 major purchase Shang Li to face exhibition to purchase. Among them the extends business to exhibit a group with the country form of Germany and China is participated in, it is to exhibit can medium two large window, also be the important support ingredient that exhibition grows.

“ biscuit and be closely bound up of Russia the people's livelihood”
Director of Russia bake association and A of director of institute of scientific research of country of Russia bake industry. P. The speech on the in order to when Professor Kossovan is spreading out act type to make a speech for bake of 2006 Muscovite international will describe biscuit to live in Russian the people's livelihood medium significant position. Russia is the flesh kind with biscuit food use up big country, and in Russian staple food 90% it is roast kind of area products. After Russia economy is reformed, people income increases, living conditions is improved increasingly, kind of food is wrapped to also resemble the past no longer on in that way bureau be confined to is given priority to with black bread, the dietary habit of European mainland is accepted by Russian place gradually, and in memory of young generation Russian, imitated develop European country food is used to more became fashion. Cake of chocolate of pizza of French biscuit, Italy, Germany entered the Russian's life.

Count the Russia bake trade of the entrance in great quantities
Although Russia has culture of bake of biscuit of the chiliad on the move, but current Russian civilian the food that has not regarded cram oneself with food as biscuit, serve as one of elements that enjoy the life however, having higher and higher demand to the quality of roast product and exterior. Regretful is, facility of Russia tradition baking and manufacturing level are already far the requirement that cannot satisfy this to expand increasingly, this also is attracting many abroad enterprise to garrison Russia at the same time position of race to control.
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