Fair of food of the 8th China and purchase Fair

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Fair of food of the 8th China and purchase Fair
(The corresponding period is held) —— food is packed reach treatment facilities to exhibit click examine

Show time: 17 days of one ground nodded on November 13, 2008: Nanjing international exhibits a center
Period: November 13 To 17, 2008 Place:NAnjing International Exhibition Center

Invitation letter

Nanjing visits the provincial capital town that is Jiangsu province greatly as countrywide economy, science and technology, culture, position of her distinctive economy, trade, prosperous market, the traffic that develop, to the circumjacent province such as Shandong, Anhui, Zhejiang city has driving radiate and belt to move action.
Fair of “ China food and purchasing Fair ” is Huadongde the area is annual food industry distinguished gathering, it is one aims to help nonlocal food company develop Hua Dong the market, breed a brand, enhance product competition ability, help each district of whole nation of look for of company of food of Hua Dong area purchase agency, the efficient communication platform that the food that promote our region product to the whole nation then and builds produces enterprise and food to purchase agency commerce to negotiate. “ fair of food of the 8th China and purchase Fair ” to will be in center of Nanjing international exhibition 17 days one to hold on November 13, 2008. Current exhibit meeting will still collect negotiates order goods, the product is revealed, information communication at an organic whole, continue to invite domestic and international food extensively to produce enterprise, supplier, before purchasing agency, will join exhibit, look around, wait for a variety of means to be able to undertake all-around integrated conduct propaganda to exhibiting through TV, newspaper, network, make exhibit can become already ginseng exhibit an enterprise to extend the market, optimal opportunity that seeks project cooperation, also become a help to purchase agency to widen purchase channel, rise purchase efficiency, reduce the optimal way that purchases cost.
Nanjing Enjoys The Unique Economic And Trade Position And Has The Very Prosperous Market And Perfect Transportation. It Has Powerful Radiation To The Cities In The East Of China.
“Food Exhibition&Foodstuff Fair Of Purchase Trade, china”Is East China East Region Annually A Foods Profession Grand Occasion, it Aims To Help Food Enterprises Expand The Market, cultivate New Brands And Enhance The Competitive Abilities Of The Products. The Help East China Region Food Business Enterprise Looks For National Every Locality Purchase Dealer, then Push The Direction Whole Country To The Native Area Product But The Food That Build Produces The Business Enterprise Buys With Food The Dealer The Exchanges Platform That Trade Talks Over Efficiently. “8 Th Food Exhibition&Foodstuff Fair Of Purchase Trade, china”Will Be Holding In The NanJing International Exhibition Center From Nov.13 To 17, 2008. The Main Purpose Of The Exhibition Is To Attract Merchants And Investment, exchange Information, and Exhibit Products And Hold Trade Talks. Numerous Food Producers, distributors And Suppliers Domestic And Abroad Will Be Invited To Attend. Kinds Of Public Media, such As Televisions, newspapers, networks Will Publicize It Three-dimensionally. It Offers The Best Chances For Exhibitors To Seek Cooperation Programs And Expand The Market, and It Also Helps Food Distributors Widen Their Purchase Channels, increase The Purchase Efficiency And Lower The Purchase Cost.
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