Exhibition of burden of 2008 Asias food, natural raw material, healthy raw mater

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Golden Lotus Indonesia, SISWANTO HARJANTO of chief inspector of PT company market says: “ is current it is good to exhibit meeting result, can be in the supplier that exhibits meeting site to see food domain makes many sided, created the opportunity of superexcellent trade dealings for us. ”

The commerce director Peter Leedham of Sino Analytica company says: “ is current exhibited public figure of the trade inside the food industry that can hope to expand business dealings in home to come from a whole world to provide superexcellent platform. ”

Wuhan triumphant enlighten the Zhou Ping's minister of careful chemical industry thinks current exhibit the group of the meeting quite successful, exhibit meeting site to be able to get first-hand information.

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Achieve grand occasion by force by force in all together

European rich hears an exhibition to consult limited company is the subsidiary that England signs up for course of study and medium group to be in Europe jointly, market news, publish, media, exhibition is an organic whole, it is one of the biggest exhibition companies on the world. Each district of annual and alive bound holds the 300 many fair that involve different trade.
Chinese medicine health care tastes chamber of commerce of imports and exports to held water on May 22, 1989, it is one of chamber of commerce of 6 big exits and entrance of subordinate of Department of Commerce. It tastes production and trade business to be comprised lawfully by the medical health care that registers in churchyard of People's Republic of China, undertake the industry is coordinated, for enterprise and the social group that the government serves, existing member is close 1800, spread all over countrywide each district, domestic medicine industry is the most influential already joined chamber of commerce with the production of actual strength and trade business, producing positive effect in industry development.
Limited company of exhibition of Shanghai Bo Huaguo border is one of members that Asian rich hears, be by former Shanghai China the Chinese-foreign joint venture that the limited company of Bo Wen China that exhibits international to exhibit limited company and Bo Wen of subject Yu Yazhou to be in charge of chinese mainland business establishs jointly. This kind of collaboration is shirt-sleeve global actual strength of Bo Wen and experience and China exhibit the business network in home and the professional dominant position that hold large international fair, for us the development of exhibition laid solid foundation. Shanghai Bo Hua's current and annual 27 exhibitions activity, attracting many global ginseng to exhibit a company to reach buy the home.

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