The 6th 2008 China International suckle trade fair and high-level forum

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The 5th China International suckles “ trade fair and high-level forum ” in June 2007 21-23 day is in center of Nanjing international exhibition to hold, share the 174 companies ginseng that comes from more than 10 countries to exhibit; Recieve professional audience to make an appointment with 4000 people, according to not complete count, these audiences come from chief of a tribe of couplet of China, Holand, France, Finnish, Spain, polish, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesian, Singapore, Nepalese, Thailand, A to wait respectively.

During the exhibition, milk trade association held China to was met 2007, form and released enunciative ” of Nanjing of self-discipline of “ milkings enterprise; In addition, still conducted a series of symposiums, measure student of symposium of safety and technical innovation, country like symposium of milk cow hygiene, breast character development of market of drinkable grandma symposium, milkings and sale symposium, new product is new technical communication symposium and China - Canada, China - France, China - Germany, China - New Zealand, ; Return an organization to visit the farm that inspected Nanjing to suckle trade group and processing factory.

Domestic and international ginseng exhibits business scale:
(the foreign company that direct ginseng exhibits 25.3% ; The international company that exhibits through agency, branch or acting ginseng 24.7% ; Domestic company 50% )

Join the classification that postpone business:
(milkings produces a business 8% ; Pack with treatment equipment reachs burden supplier 37% ; Milk cow breed aquatics and grass equipment kind enterprise 55% )

Show range

One, milk cow breed aquatics and grass equipment
Milk cow breeding and breed; Grass sets bestow government; Milk equipment and fittings; Feed rear system; Dung corrupt processing system; Additive of grazing, feed, feed and feed machine equipment; Milk cow health care and medicines and chemical reagents; Bright grandma stores up with carry;

2, burden and treatment facilities
Cold storage, store with facility for transporting; Detached, mix, all pledge, ferment, equipment and the fittings such as sterilization; The equipment that pack; The material that pack; All sorts of dairy produce machine product line; All sorts of burden and additive;

3, all sorts of dairy produce
Liquid state grandma; Yoghurt; Milk powder; Cheese; Butter; Ice-cream; Beverage is tasted with all sorts of nutrition health care.

4, other
Association; Organization; Newspapers and periodicals, website and publication.

Contact means

China suckles trade association
Address: Beijing heart gets the better of town of Henan of the Qing Dynasty outside the door

Advisory hot line: 010-62924587

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