Non-staple food of 2008 China justice black tastes Fair

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3, exhibit allocate a principle: “ applies for first, pay first, arrange ” first;
4, the organizing committee is in receive after exhibiting a cost, will at 10 send a ginseng to exhibit detailed rules in the future.

Advertisement serves
The meeting that feed rich will provide the diversity advertisement service such as the proceedings of a conferences, spot that exhibit a house, website.
Advertisement of proceedings of a conferences (tall ㎝ of 28.5 ㎝ ×21)
1P of cover color complete edition
1P 30, 000 yuan
30, 000RMB seals 1P of three color complete edition
1P 10, 000 yuan
10, 000 RMB
1P of complete edition of back cover color
1P 20, 000 yuan
20, 1P of complete edition of color of the page inside 000RMB
1P 4, 500 yuan
4, 500RMB
1P of complete edition of color of inside front cover
1P 15, 000 yuan
15, the page inside 000RMB is black and white complete edition 1P
1P 3, 000 yuan
3, 000RMB
1P of complete edition of title page color
1P 15, 000 yuan
15, 000RMB enterprise directory inside 200 words 500 yuan

Presswork advertisement
Wide 8cm of long 27cm× of gift bag tall 38cm× is bosseyed 30, 000 yuan / 5, 000
Wide 21cm of ticket long 9cm× is bosseyed 8, 000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces

Advertisement of bracket, balloon (contain make, release suspension)
2.5m of diameter of balloon advertisement ball adds scroll to in the sky can exhibit central square 4, 000 yuan /
Wide 7m of bracket advertisement tall 4m× exhibits house periphery (be born) 8, 000 yuan /
Urban district of wide 7m of tall 4m× of urban bracket advertisement is main road 10, 000 yuan /

Website of the meeting that feed rich publishs the ginseng inside 100 words freely to exhibit enterprise directory.

Congress is recieved
1, each province city forms a delegation the unit unites spot of organizing committee of Ning Bo international exhibition center to deal with a newspaper to arrive by the leader of a sports team formalities.
2, individual ginseng exhibits an enterprise to receive spot of organizing committee of Ning Bo international exhibition center to deal with a newspaper to arrive continuously formalities.
Service content
1, offer exhibit commerce negotiates during the meeting mobile information;
2, offer the public house between ginseng exhibition period pertinent information;
3, offer the item on display between ginseng exhibition period to carry, rent wait for pertinent information;
4, offer exhibit between ginseng exhibition period build pertinent information;
5, exhibit business to offer proceedings of a conferences to wait to join exhibit can relevant data;
6, security personnel of 24 hours of spots.

Service equipment compose
Unit: Organizing committee of fair of 2008 China food
Phone: 0574-87360971, 87360780, 87340500, 87360321
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