"Public of brand of Chinese special local product chooses an activity "

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Public of brand of “ China special local product chooses an activity”
The application that assigns participating media explains

China special local product is the resource advantage that our country has competition ability most. Friend of entertainment foreign country of country, government often presents local special local product —— as the gift the more of the nation, the more of international! Each district government also takes conduct propaganda of local special local product and promotion seriously very, hold the Cultural Festival that gives priority to with local special local product in succession, local special local product already made the urban calling card of each district, resource of special local product develops the new level that already entered industrialization development. But, these various place special local product, all approbate without specialty trade organization, not unified also conformity is advantage characteristic brand to recommend conduct propaganda centrally outwards, market competition ability is very fragile still. Because this China feeds the much home such as association of special local product of culture seminar, China,assess of unit syndicate expert passes special local product of net of sale of Chinese special local product, China to read extensively tens of home media such as the net decide to begin public of brand of “ China special local product to choose mobile ” , be organized actively about the unit each please and attend.
Public of brand of Chinese special local product chooses mobile theme:
Economy of special local product of brand of choose place special local product, cognizance special local product, development, promote ethical special local product
Public of brand of Chinese special local product chooses mobile tenet:
Safeguard and trade of high grade brand, stimulative special local product communicates order of market of normative special local product, protection and promotion special local product, widen international trade of channel of sale of special local product, development special local product
Chinese special local product tastes what card public chooses an activity to appoint participating media to file limits and requirement:
1. Must be the mainstream media such as newspaper, periodical, magazine, network.
2. Have independent corporate organization and lawful right of administration.
3. Hold to right political way, have sense of responsibility of intense enterprise, society and historical mission feeling.
4. Career of enthusiastic China special local product, support and health of stimulative specialty industry develop.
Acquire the right that after appointing participating media qualification, enjoys:
1. Gain the member competence of association of Chinese special local product freely.
2. The letter of unit member qualification that obtains association to award enjoys the status of the honor of ” of unit of academician of “ China special local product and social association.
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