"Public of brand of Chinese special local product chooses an activity "

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3. Obtain the link of website of government of society of Chinese special local product and independent window.
4. The electronic business affairs that enjoys association to offer serves, get or release the information such as invite applications for a job of project of price of product supply and demand, commodity, capital attraction, talent.
5. Release information of special local product via be after administrator examine and verify on net of government of society of Chinese special local product.
6. Can recommend our region 5 units participate in “ China famous special local product”The brand is chosen, recommend 20 units to participate in brand of ” of “ China special local product to choose, recommend 50 units to participate in special local product of “ China place”The brand is chosen.
Appoint the obligation that participating media fulfils:
1. Accept society government. Executive association resolution.
2. Abide by discipline is abide by the law, defend the legitimate rights and interests of association and social reputation, must not undertake with association name illegal management activity and chime of other country having damage, society are met the activity of the interest.
3. Assure what to release the authenticity of information and effectiveness, on the website be deleted in time or file outdated, invalid information, will cancel member qualification otherwise.
4. On association website guarantee against is released reactionary, bawdy, false reach opinion on public affairs with baleful information, will cancel its member qualification otherwise, investigate the legal duty of this member unit and contact further.
5. Newspaper, magazine is accountability announce selection result, had done corresponding propagandist work.
6. Network media is accountability link China special local product reads extensively net of net, sale of Chinese special local product; In participating website do 760×80 to connect column to announce mobile revelation locally significantly, activity of timely report chooses grand occasion, activity to choose a result.
Selection activity of public of brand of Chinese special local product is limits of a whole nation the activity of large commonweal sex that develop. Each place divides deputize unit, outside appointing participating media, any organizations and individual must not develop any activities with the name of mobile organizing committee. Participating unit not any cost signing up, evaluation expends pay etc contain commercial colorific cost.
Greeting each unit supervises inform against: Supervisory phone 010-68021400
Accessory: Choose mobile announcement about developing community of brand of Chinese special local product
Public of brand of first China special local product chooses mobile plan
Public of brand of Chinese special local product chooses mobile application form
Through me the unit considers to decide to apply for to appoint media to choose, be willing to fulfil relevant obligation.
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