"Public of brand of Chinese special local product chooses an activity "

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Safeguard and order of market of normative special local product
Protection and promotion special local product are high grade brand
Public of brand of —— China special local product chooses an activity to be started in the round
Hu Jianmin of ministry of survey of special local product of association of Chinese special local product
Feed by association of Chinese special local product, China ask haing seminar is sponsorred, the public of brand of “ China special local product that faces whole society to begin chooses mobile ” to was started formally a few days ago, the public of brand of special local product of China of ———“ of industry distinguished gathering that be initiated as the industry that has authority most and chooses through consumer chooses mobile ” to will roll out special local product of China of brand of ” of “ China famous special local product, “”Brand of brand, ” of special local product of “ China place. Selection result will be in a few mainstream media of countrywide were announced on August 8.
Choosing mobile ” as public of unprecedented brand of “ China special local product is the necessary product that economy of Chinese special local product develops seventeen big new level, it is specialty company oneself grows the inevitable requirement of new level. Seventeen thumb gives “ to want to rely on resource advantage, develop ” of good characteristic economy. The city thinking of cogongrass of Yunnan more the name is Pu Er city, kite the success of the culture of special local product such as peony of Wei lane, Luoyang travels and huge pulls the economy that moves place to build, make each district reachs consensus gradually: Special local product already made the urban calling card of each district! National government entertains foreign friend to often regard a gift as the gift local special local product!
On January 2, 2008, jade of Kunlun of Qinghai special local product is decided formally to be medal of Beijing Olympic Games to use jade, drove Kunlun jade to trade directly the prosperity of the market, make Chinese special local product is paid close attention to by the world more and more. Resource of special local product develops the new level that enters industrialization development again.
However, these various place special local product, all did not unite conformity to be advantage characteristic brand to be recommended centrally outwards, market competition ability is very fragile. Through practice and exploration, traditional specialty company also begins to pay close attention to the brand construction of the product. And beginning of the brand development that the community of brand of “ China special local product that in the historical period of this key in season acting requirement develops chooses mobile ” to drive force Chinese special local product undoubtedly, protection, the couplet that pushs brand special local product is sold and commerce, taste to recommend name of Chinese special local product to international trade organization and unit, high-quality goods, strengthen domestic and international cooperation; The side helps enterprise of apanage of special local product up to come true by area advantage, compare an advantage to rise to urge action tremendously to economic advantage change. Make consciousness of Chinese specialty company strengthens normative consciousness, take pair of brand identifying force seriously to reach famous the spent construction, China special local product during raising an Olympic Games international market competition ability.
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