"Public of brand of Chinese special local product chooses an activity "

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Additional, compete as the market intense with each passing day, unprecedented complete look unfamiliar is put and develop pressure press hard on and come, if specialty company still relies on the advantage of oneself merely, close the country to international communication, devoid brand consciousness, the competition that cannot have gotten used to times of international economic integration asks, this needs a good communication platform, pass mutual communication, inspire each other, joint promotion, make oneself widen eye shot thereby, grasp opportunity, enhance pattern of trade of brand consciousness, innovation. And ” of selection activity of public of brand of “ China special local product should be built just about such one belongs to specialty him company to learn each other, wisdom is shared, promote a society fame arena.
Also can see on the extensive, impassioned pitch that participates in from the activity, the people expects to what Chinese special local product develops, one is having magnificent the civilization of historical culture is ancient 5000 the China resort of Hua Tianbao of country, content, distinctive special local product is sure to blossom in new historical journey piece new, the strange flower of bright!

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