The 3rd 2008 China (Inner Mongolia) international food machines package machine

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■ special and mechanical equipment: Apply to products of beverage, beer, milkings, dressing, meat, butcher the of all kinds treatment such as protein of vegetable of vegetables of treatment, fruit, convenient food, bean products, flour and amylaceous goods, grease, refine sugar, candied, edible, potted, tea, aquatic product, produce, meal is mechanical equipment;
■ relevant treatment facilities: Clean, carry, grading, smash, detached, mixture agitate, condense, all qualitative, antiseptic, dry, shape, hot exchange, roast, refrigerant last, the mechanical equipment such as biochemistry;
■ auxiliary and mechanical equipment and fittings: Batcher, pipe fitting / valve / pump, detect / equipment of machinery of machine of equipment of control equipment, machinery of sensor, gearshift, pneumatics, water treatment, environmental protection machinery, lab;
■ package machine: Fill installs the machinery of whole set of equipment, heal, machinery that stick label, machine that cover sign, gush to pile up the mechanical, machinery that make a yard, filling machine instrument, vacuum-packed machine, grain / machine of pulverous and automatic packer, wrapping machine instrument, blister packaging, container reachs a part collator, / ;
■ the material that pack: Paper kind, plastic kind, metal kind, composite material kind, glass kind, the other material that pack
■ container: Bag kind, bottle kind, box kind, box kind, cup kind, bucket kind, coal tub kind, other is special container

All ◆ ginseng postpone business must be the unit that acquires lawful right of administration in churchyard of People's Republic of China, any units must not be carried with the individual fake the product is exhibited into house ginseng, otherwise, advocate, undertake the unit has authority to cancel its ginseng to exhibit a qualification.

1, sponsor unit print and distribute to exhibit meeting organization to see announcement document by each, the newspaper copies municipal government to concern a section each, send relevant unit of city of past each district.
2, the key invites the beverage such as area of Chinese China north and Mongolia country, Russia, bake products of the food that bake, meat, potted, ferment, fruit vegetables goods, dairy produce, candy, refrigerant food, wine kind, health food of dressing, amylaceous ramification, convenient food, nutrition, grain, the professional of meal enterprise, scientific research, school and the agency with mechanical food, trafficker attends a meeting look around, order goods and attend academic communication introduction of new technology of meeting and new product is met.
3, the organizing committee establishs special audience to organize a ministry, build giant professional audience database, through phone, fax, report mail, straight mail, visit, a variety of forms such as mobile phone short message invite cause client to look around, bend force lets join the ginseng that exhibits business to gain satisfaction to exhibit the effect, let join postpone business patulous in short time more business, we will serve to postpone business at joining heart and soul, with ginseng postpone business collective progress, joint development.
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