The 3rd 2008 China (Inner Mongolia) international food machines package machine

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Conference general situation

In recent years in recent years, our country government is health of industry of farther stimulative food to develop, enhance product quality and food security, consolidate

And enlarge food outlet to achieve collect, food made an enterprise recommend a batch to accord with the food of food safety treatment, production domestic and internationally to add

Project machine and bag furnish equipment produce enterprise and relevant equipment and product, current exhibition is emphasized publicize and reveal a batch to accord with a country

" 915 ” of food industry “ develop outline " put forward in birds flesh kind butcher treatment, dairy produce is made, edible plant is oily

Respect of deep treatment of oil of treatment, vegetable fruit treatment, aquatic product treatment, grain innovates independently ability level of strong, technology tall, whole set

The technology with gender and good stability and equipment.

In recent years the 3rd 2008 China (Inner Mongolia) international food machines package machine exhibition will on August 20, 2008 - 22 days inside

Mongolia international exhibition center is held ceremoniously! Course of study of foreign enterprise of true-blue welcome country, guild forms a delegation ginseng exhibit, look around! Afterwards previous term or session is met

Drew nearly 10 countries such as Mongolia, Russia, United States, Germany, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Holand many 200 are fed

Taste processing technique, package machine and agential ginseng to exhibit, showed all sorts of international, home's banner food processing technique and equipment

; Current exhibit meeting will increase as large and medium-sized as international, home enterprise and whole nation each collaboration of big media and the invitation to professional audience

. We will make northwest ministry area have one of famous brand grand meeting of dimensions, consequence most with all one's strength, export Mongolia nation for domestic company

, the country such as Russia offers to be revealed superexcellently, the commerce platform of come-and-go of communication, business affairs.


Contact means

Address: Huhhot city bridge China hall of 13-3-102 of century village Ju Huayuan

Postcode: 010000

Phone: 0471-2336909

Fax: 0471-2336908


Report for duty cloth exhibits: In August 2008 18—19 day
Showpiece time: In August 2008 20—22 day
Remove extend time: On August 22, 2008 15: 00

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