Additive agent for food of autumn of the 8th 2008 whole nations and burden exhib

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Additive agent for food of autumn of the 8th 2008 whole nations and burden exhibition

Exhibit meeting name: Additive agent for food of autumn of the 8th 2008 whole nations and burden exhibition
Cloth extends time: 2008-11-3
Show time: 2008-11-5
Remove extend time: 2008-11-7
Can exhibit place: Jinan Shun agrarian international exhibition center
Sponsor an unit: Chinese additive agent for food and burden association
Assist run an unit:
Media support: Food of China of net of Chinese food industry extends meeting network
Can exhibit a category: Communication of science and technology / forum, the flesh kind / burden / equipment, dairy produce course of study
Home / abroad: Home
Be in an area: China in area
Be in province, city: Shandong province
Can exhibit a description:
FIC- autumn is exhibited is Chinese additive agent for food and burden association sponsor, the industry communication platform that aims to help additive agent for food and burden the enterprise extends the market and be built, heretofore held 7 successfully already. Will a few years gather together in all global ginseng of nearly 3000 enterprises is exhibited, exhibit an area to amount to 70 thousand square metre, in all those who come from 20 many countries and area make an appointment with 150 thousand person-time to come round to visit autumn to exhibit, become association to hold China International additive agent for food and burden fair successfully (the another brand after FIC) is exhibited meeting. Previous term or session (2007) autumn is exhibited share 600 many standards to exhibit, 20 thousand professional audience looks around.
Exhibit the opinion of the enterprise via asking for broad ginseng this year, 2008 FIC - autumn is exhibited Yi Shiquan city Jinan is held. Be located in the Shandong with Chinese coastal the eastpart part, it is food industry special the province that develop, the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea is faced east, lie between sea facies to look with Korea, Japan, border with Anhui, Jiangsu, Heibei, Henan, business of industry of food of above of Shandong province dimensions amounts to 4785 (the large food company of above of countrywide mutual dimensions 26 thousand) , gross value of industrial output of the food that finish four hundred and thirty-nine billion nine hundred and forty-three million yuan, occupy the 21.85 % of countrywide food industry, implementation product sales revenue four hundred and twenty-four billion four hundred and eighty-six million yuan, 21.65% what take the throughout the country; As a result of individual situation, the commerce between Shandong and day Han is very active. Because this has reason to believe, the additive agent for food that ran in fontal city Jinan 2008 and burden exhibition will be grand meeting! Will exhibit an enterprise to bring new market and business chance to each ginseng.

Ginseng exhibit enterprise qualification:

Every registers the additive agent for food that register and food burden enterprise to reach its in China the enterprise such as the relevant equipment, instrument, material that pack, in including endowment enterprise, Chinese-foreign joint venture and foreign trader are solely invested enterprise, and the foreign trader is in China handle affairs orgnaization, representative orgnaization, after offerring effective certificate photocopy, all can sign up ginseng exhibit. The manufacturing sale that in recent years branch be concerneded by the country investigates is fake the unit of the product must not be joined exhibit. If have practise fraud action, once discover, except cancel to join outside exhibiting a qualification, still will report in concerned media.
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