Additive agent for food of autumn of the 8th 2008 whole nations and burden exhib

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Limits of item on display:

(one) additive agent for food: Agent of inorganic agent of the agent of foundation of candy of loose agent of the acidity conditioning agent, agent that fight a form, anti-foaming agent, antioxidant, bleacher, Peng, glue Mu, colorant, agent that protect quality, emulsifying agent, enzymatic preparation, agent that add flavor, flour, velamen, moisture maintains dose of aggrandizement of agent, nutrition, ;

(2) food burden: Alcohol of amylaceous, metamorphic starch, amylaceous candy, sugar, low get together vegetables of fruit of protein of product of product of grease of candy, edible and fat substitute, special flour, egg, bee, yeast, vegetable, prandial fiber, dehydrate and flesh kind freeze-dry food burden, all sorts of;

(3) all sorts of food processing aid;

(4) the equipment of food industry machinery, instrument, material that pack, book, professional media;

(5) technology of additive agent for food and production of food burden industry, application.

The significant activity of exhibition period

(one) the senior expert that association will invite 7 professional committee and can solve the brainpower that produces real problem to the spot seeks advice and answer doubt, solve real problem;

(2) news briefing of new product new technology: By guild constituent expert assess is affirmed one batch has recommend, the new product new technology that popularizes value, appear personally to explain to public to professional audience jointly with the enterprise by association, the introduction. Particular program is:

1, apply for to association of one's own accord by the enterprise (refer draft content of a conduct propaganda, recommended company new product, new technology) ;

2, after association organizes expert assess to affirm, open up special performance is publicized;

3, every a long time, collect fees 6000 yuan.

(3) academic seminar: Exhibition period will invite expert of domestic and international famous industry and scholar to make academic report.

Contact means:

Company name: Chinese additive agent for food and burden association
Contact: Yin of swallow of Zhang Yuechen Chenyan wins
Connect a telephone call: 010-59795833
Fax: 010-59071336
Network address: Http://
Unit address: Beijing face Wai Street armour C of 6 10 thousand centers 1402 rooms
Postcode: 100020

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